Dallas Crane Return To Adelaide Rock City

Dallas Crane hit Adelaide this Saturday with the Draught Dodgers featuring Tim Rogers and local larrikins The Trafalgars. So forget about the Show Down and head to the Grace Emily Hotel for a big night of rock ‘n roll. Dave Larkin completes a quick Q&A for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Are the “Crane” looking forward to returning to Adelaide rock city?
Always mate. Love coming over every time. Adelaide folk have always looked after Dallas Crane

What can fans expect at The Grace Emily?
It will be pretty tight in there. Maybe expect to have your soul completely renovated courtesy of the awesome power of rock and roll!

What can you tell Adelaide about the Draught Dodgers who you’re bringing along?
Draught Dodgers, think of The Damned meeting the MC5 behind a laneway dumpster for a quick shot before the show.

The Trafalgars are a great Adelaide band, what’s your favourite story about those likeable larrikins?
Not much to dislike. Handsome. Talented. Has car. Loans gear when we come over. I’m giving them four stars Margaret.

Being Show Down night will there be plenty of jibes at the losing team?
Nah. Not worth jeopardising merch sales now is there?

Scoundrels is a great album, are you happy with how it has been received?
Yes. Our main motivation for doing another album was so that Factory Girls and all the negative crap that was going on around the time we made that record, wasn’t our last release. We got a few things right on Scoundrels and funnily enough it was because we did it ourselves!

Are there any plans for another album and any thoughts as to what you might go with it?
See how we go. Australia isn’t exactly beating the door down for rock’n roll at the moment. That said every song we write is technically ‘working on the next record’ so who knows…

What’s the next challenge for Dallas Crane?
Finding accom in Adelaide on Showdown night this Saturday that’s under $500!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Dallas Crane, Draught Dodgers (featuring Tim Rogers) and The Trafalgars play The Grace Emily Hotel on Saturday. Tickets from Mosh-Tix.

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