Ginger And The Ghost “Futuristic Pop Playlist”

Avant-garde duo Ginger And The Ghost have announced their impressive new single Glow, a progressive, futuristic pop anthem characterised by a spontaneous chorus, which is out now.  Even better is the accompanying video for the track featuring the pair adorned in exquisite body painting and enveloped in stunning, celestial special effects.  To celebrate Glow, Ginger And The Ghost have taken over the wheel at Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles are prepared a playlist for readers to enjoy and given a bit on insight to each song. Enjoy!

Ginger And The Ghost “Futuristic Pop Playlist”

AUSTRAI Am A Monster
Love her high notes and avante giraffe approach with that filthy drive underneath.

The slow build and effected ceremonial soundscapes and slight subtle rave synth and the way it breaks down yummy!

Planning To RockLet’s Talk About Gender Baby
Feels like this is a future Jackie Chan soundtrack … and those lyrics … simple.

Gazelle TwinsI Am Shell I Am Bone
Love her vocal effects I’m into that! Tough nasty and pretty melodies with fresh lyrics.

Empress OfHow Do You Do It
This is the track you play before you go out or if ya feel like shit it’s bubble gum pump up da jam.

Always always love this song for the sloppy relaxed and organic tribal sounds …. I love her smooth vocals against the beats super pretty !

Young MagicLucien
Adore these guys !!! Ceremonial sounds and those layers of kindness and softness, very spiritual to us ! Holds a place in our hearts.

Sun GlittersEveryday Is A New Start
My new find ! (Missy) I am adoring the soft Cumbia vibes cause I’m all about what’s happening in South America electronic scene !

Sun GlittersHigh
Just loving the side chain and pretty up front organic Clansy samples that sound like coins … we do similar samples using stuff we have around so I like be trying to figure em out

Chancha Via CircuitoJardines
Love these organic electronic Cumbia sounds … super into World music and anything ZZK LABEL (big ups)

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Don’t forget to check out Ginger And The Ghost’s new single Glow which is out now…

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