Danielle Smarrelli aka Nussy is set for big things with the release of her new single Hard As Diamonds which is a taste of what’s to come. Nussy is a dynamo and the excitement in what she does is infectious. In a quick Q&A with Hi Fi Way:The Pop Chronicles we get a really good intro to the world of Nussy.

It must be exciting times ahead in 2017 for yourself with so many great things happening already. Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement?
YES! It is so hard! I am pretty easily excitable too! I try my best not to get too ahead of myself but it’s always super exciting to have new music out in the world and even better to be getting such a positive response.

Have you been able to gauge the reaction to Hard Diamonds?
I’ve had the most positive reaction from the public and from media so far and it’s been amazing. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to put out new music but it’s the warmest, fuzziest feeling to know people are digging what I’m doing!

Do you have a lot of input in to the film clip and is that the fun part?
Yes, always! I am very much a driving force when it comes to anything to do with my career. Every little bit is a part of my vision so I like to have as much input as I can while still taking advice from the pros. It’s always a very collaborative process – I love to feed off other creative ideas. In the case of the Hard as Diamonds video, it was very much a collaborative process between myself and Daniel Smith from Head On Media who directed and produced the clip, as well as my management team. It was such a fun experience.

Will a good chunk of the year be spent touring and continuing to get the name out there?
I really hope so! I love playing live shows more than anything else – the stage is where I feel most at home. As well as touring, I am always writing and recording new music so there will definitely be new NUSSY tunes out in the world very soon.

No Adelaide, what’s with that?
I love Adelaide so it’s such a shame I can’t make it there on this tour. I lived in Adelaide for almost a year back in 2012 so I feel a really strong connection with the city. I haven’t played there for a few years now so I’m desperate to get back super soon!

Do you enjoy touring?
Touring and playing live is one of my favourite things in the world! I love writing and recording but playing live shows is just the best fun. My band are an absolute hoot as well so they are the best to travel with. It’s like a little family, we have a lot of funny and heckling things happen but that’s the most fun part!

What’s the biggest thing you have learnt as a performer so far?
Always do YOU. Not everyone is going to like what you’re doing and there’s always going to be people that talk shit about you and don’t get me wrong, that sucks! It’s hard to rise above it all the time and I’d have to be soulless to say that aspect of the industry didn’t get me down sometimes. You have to have a strong set of values, a really solid vision and you have to back yourself. If you can stay true to those things, then

How would you describe the sound of Nussy to music fans?
At it’s core, my sound is best described as electronic/pop. There’s always lots of shimmering synths at the top end, juxtaposed with darker, heavier synths at the low end and minor chords. It’s like a sort of glittery darkness.

The name Nussy – is there a story or meaning behind your name?
It’s a nickname I was given that kind of just stuck so when it came to picking a pseudonym, it was a bit of a no-brainer!

Has much attention focused on writing an album or another EP?
I’m always writing and working on new music. I collaborate a lot with NLSON who produced two of my 2016 releases – Sinking Into You and Body Talk. We have been playing music together now for almost ten years so we write really well together – it’s a really comfortable space. I’m also working again with the boys at MSquared Productions, who produced Hard As Diamonds, as well as my first EP which is always a really fun experience so it will be great to see what we come up with. As well as all that, I’ve got plans to get back in the studio with Michael Best, who produced my other 2016 release, Just Just so I guess you can say 2017 is going to be VERY busy with new music!

It is the $64 million question but do you know what sort of sound you are going for?
Yes, always – but that doesn’t mean the idea we start with is where we end up! When I start a new track, no matter who I’m collaborating with, there’s always a list of influences that I like to start with so I know we are in the same head space. Being a keyboard player since I was four years old, I definitely feel most at home in the electronic synth world. There’s a lot of experimentation that goes on which is always fun!

What is the most challenging part of writing/ recording an album?
I’ve never written a whole album so to be honest, I can’t even imagine the amount of work that goes into creating such a large body of work! In terms of writing and recording new tracks, probably the part I find the most challenging is knowing when to say a track is finished. I’m a total perfectionist so if I was able, I would go on and on and on and always find things to fix or change. I guess that’s what’s good about collaborating with other writers and producers – they can tell me when enough is enough!

Does it feel like winning the lottery trying to write that big single?
Yeah, I try not to think of it like that too much. I just write and create music that I like and am proud of. If it becomes a big hit, then that’s a giant added bonus, and if not, I’m proud of my work so that’s all I can ask for!

What music lovers expect from the Nussy live show?
A lot of fun and LOUD MUSIC! My band and I have a great time on stage so we really try to project that to our audience. I love to be able to bring my own world to my audience. From the minute they step into the room, I want them to be taken to a place away from their reality – it’s like a whole experience. It involves a lot of glitter and fluff and fantasy.

Do you get much down time and what’s sorts of things do yo like doing between shows?
I LOVE FOOD! I love going out for a meal and I love cooking. I just think good food, accompanied by good wine and great company is one of the most enjoyable things. I also love going out to check out other live acts. I love knowing what people in the scene are doing, it’s a great way to learn!

What is the most exciting part of what is ahead for you in 2017?
First and foremost, this current tour is super exciting. As I said, I just love being on the road and performing live so I’m really looking forward to it. And then it comes to putting out new music and doing it all over again!

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Sat 18 Feb – Gaytimes Festival, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort Vic | 18+
Sat 25 Feb –  Howler, Melbourne Vic | 18+ (Ft. Tigertown Dj Set, Lanks Dj Set, Owen Rabbit, Native Spirit, Jebu)
Thur 16 March – Marley Bar, Sydney NSW 18+
Fri 17 March – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney NSW| 18+

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