Paradise Lost

A visceral one-man show, reigniting Milton’s epic masterpiece in all its bizarre beauty.

Lucifer awakes, shrouded in flame, his beauty ravaged, his berth in Heaven lost forever… This streamlined, highly physicalised adaptation breathes new life into some of the most mesmerising language ever written, focussing on Satan’s journey of twisted redemption: waking in Hell after the Fall, journeying through Chaos to Paradise, and taking revenge against God by corrupting Man.

Paradise Lost 2.jpgButoh is a form of Japanese dance associated with themes of death, the spirit world, and the primeval elements in humanity. This performance draws upon the spirit of Butoh, lurching from the grotesque to the sublime, the macabre to the absurd, to make tangible Milton’s incredible vision.

Christopher Samuel Carroll (performer) is an Irish theatre artist and a graduate of the prestigious Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, Paris. Through his company, Bare Witness, he has produced solo and ensemble work in Ireland, the U.K., and Australia. Paradise Lost comes to Adelaide following runs in Canberra and Perth, having collected a host of exultant reviews, as well as a nomination for best theatre award at the Fringe World festival 2017.

Paradise Lost runs from 16 February to 25 February at Henrietta’s at The Henry Austin (29 Chesser Street, Adelaide). Tickets at Fringe Tix.



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