Frenchy Unleashed

Everyone loves Frenchy! The bio says he might look like Bird Birds after a fresh buzz cut but he isn’t no muppet! Frenchy brings his new show Frenchy Unleashed to the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the word is be prepared to be offended. Frenchy does a quick Q&A for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles about his show.

Your show blurb compares you to looking like Big Bird with a buzz cut, is that really true?
I like to think I’m a bit lankier then Big Bird to be honest. We toned that reference down for the blurb, the actual comment was ‘Frenchy looks like a shaved big bird on Meth’, but my management thought that blurbs weren’t a good place for meth jokes. They were probably right.

What’s the show ‘Frenchy Unleashed’ all about?
I feel society has become way too PC, not to mention over-regulated so I wanted to do a show where no topic is safe. So I’ve filled my show with a bunch of ruthless jokes, songs and stories you won’t be able to repeat the next day.

How far is too far when it comes to offending people?
I pride myself on delivering an offensive brand of comedy, but I try to make sure each joke has a point to it. If you start trying to offend audiences just for the sake of being a d*ck, then it starts to become a problem. For example, I don’t joke about Shannon Noll coming 2nd in Australian Idol, it’s still too soon.

Does the show pass the mum test?
The Mum test I use is that if she laughs, I know the joke is no good. But if she grimaces and looks at Dad with a look that says ‘he’s your son not mine’ then I know the joke is good. And yes this show passes that Mum test, if she ever watches it she’ll disown me for sure – that’s how you know it’s a good show.

How important is social media and maintaining your YouTube following for your comedy show?
Although I started off doing stand-up comedy back in 2008, YouTube is where I made my name and is the reason I can tour the country so I always make sure to deliver quality skits every week. And by quality skits I mean videos with lots of dick jokes and bowl-mullet haircuts.

When I say Adelaide what comes to mind?
RADELAIDE!! I’m still not sure if Radelaide is an ironic name or not but I have a few friends there so whenever I visit, from what I remember I have a ‘rad’ time!  (at Red Square.)

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Frenchy Unleashed at the Top of the Arkaba Hotel (150 Glen Osmond Road) on 17 & February and 10 & 11 March. Tickets from Fringe Tix.

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