Josh Wade “Me, Myself & Cunny”

Josh Wade is bringing his 90 minute audio visual spectacular Me, Myself & Cunny to the Adelaide Fringe Festival. An interesting show that explores relationships with the many different characters he has developed in his twenty year quest to find his comedic counterpart Cunny. Josh gives a glimpse of his show through a Q&A with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

You have a new show for the Adelaide Fringe, what are the main differences between your shows Cunny’s Modern Life and Me, Myself & Cunny?
This year’s show is completely different, but I think the main thing that will stand out is that it relies more on the theatrical component and less on the stand-up comedy. It’s a life story of one of my characters, and how he came to be, in which I play the character the entire show.

Who is Cunny for those who don’t know?
For those who don’t know, his full name is Cuntorious Johnson IV – he carries a linage of Australian aristocracy. He is a 27 year old labourer from Townsville, QLD who is currently struggling with his children being taken away by his ex-girlfriend Joanne. He seems to overcome situations in the most ridiculous ways possible. If Mr Bean wore Hi-Vis and could say the ‘C’ word, you got Cunny.

Without giving too much away how do you describe this 20 year quest to find your comedic counterpart?
Well growing up in Townsville as a kid that enjoyed performance was an oddity – I began to develop this overly masculine alter-ego that could assist me when dealing with ‘real men’. I did drama class during school, and played footy at lunch time – I felt like Hannah Montana living the best of both worlds.

Where would you be without YouTube and social media?
Probably a lot happier, living on a secluded island and not having a care in the world. But – that’s long gone now, so I’d probably still be doing comedy and making videos. Everyone has social media now, it’s almost a requirement of any business – even if you’re a house cleaner. If people spend a large portion of their day connected, that’s the only place your gonna be seen! Adapt or die is how I see it.

Can you tell us about some specific jokes or punchlines that you thought were comedy gold but fell flat on the audience?
Tampon commercials are always bragging about improved absorption, I’m waiting for the day they just show you a ShamWow and tell you to shove that up there instead” – Mum would be proud of that one…

Who are your comedy heroes and why?
Anyone that plays multiple characters, Chris Lilley, Mike Myers, Rowan Atkinson – they’d have to be my top 3.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Josh Wade plays The Tuxedo Cat from the 23 – 28 February. Tickets from Fringe Tix.

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