Heaps Good News And Heaps Good Heroes

Heaps Good is here to raise the vibration, pivot to the positive and highlight some of the good and the kind in the world with two new initiatives, HEAPS GOOD NEWS and HEAPS GOOD HEROES.


There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment and it’s easy to feel bombarded with bad news. The folks at Heaps Good want you to be kind to yourself, dial back on the doom scrolling and look towards the brighter side.

There are small miracles happening every day in countless different ways and Heaps Good Fest is excited to share a feelgood selection of HEAPS GOOD NEWS across the festival’s social platforms each week. From wholesome and humorous to inspiring and ridiculous, HEAPS GOOD NEWS aims to fill up your glass from half empty to overflowing.

Heaps Good embarked on an exhaustive search for a HEAPS GOOD NEWS host. Tony was only interested if it was all about dogs (not a bad idea really). Osher wanted Heaps Good to add viking metal to the lineup. Finally, after discussions with Uncle Karl broke down, the festival is stoked to announce that Heaps Good artist LOGAN has accepted the challenge and will present HEAPS GOOD NEWS.

Check out Heaps Good Socials on Fridays for HEAPS GOOD NEWS and if you see some good news, or know of an inspiring local story, tag Heaps Good so they can share the feels.

About Logan

The definition of ‘charisma’ in the dictionary should be cut, crumpled, and thrown out the window. Instead, insert a photo of Logan John Priest, aka Logan, a 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer, and songwriter from Southeast Queensland. Logan’s captivating presence and infectious charm is imprinted all over his music. When you hear it for the first time, it’s like it’s lived in your playlists for years; like your all-time favourite song and latest obsession rolled into one.


The world is full of kind people doing awesome things but for the most part nobody hears about it. Heaps Good is on a mission to change that with HEAPS GOOD HEROES, a weekly celebration of the legends out there doing nice things for no reason.

It might be something small like taking out the neighbour’s bin or something huge like donating a kidney. Heaps Good wants to highlight the good work and inspire others to be a HEAPS GOOD HERO too.

If you know someone who deserves recognition, slide into the Heaps Good DMs. Each week, Heaps Good socials will celebrate a local legends from SA, QLD and VIC with two VIP tickets for both the HEAPS GOOD HERO and the person who nominated them.

HEAPS GOOD 2023/2024
Sunday 31 December 2023 – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, VIC
Tuesday 02 January 2024 – Sandstone Point, QLD
Saturday 06 January 2024 – Adelaide Showground, SA