Teenage Joans @ The Gov, Adelaide 9/11/2023

A transcendent rainbow spreads and envelops The Gov. Underneath all of the world’s greatest magical wonders reside. A place where individuality is embraced, applauded, and shouted from the stage as something to gloriously embrace. The outcasts, the disenfranchised, the misunderstood, the big hearted yet fiercest warriors, this is your place, this is your home, this is where you can freely be yourself. It’s a Teenage Joans show and they are headlining a hometown event at The Gov.

Teenage Joans are fresh off wining best punk band at the SA Music Awards last night, tearing through an epic national tour in support of their amazing debut album The Rot That Grows Inside My Chest, in a few weeks will be stadium ready supporting Foo Fighters and tonight we get them at The Gov in front of a fervent home crowd who are preparing to support their heroes.

Under fairy lights and giant mushrooms Teenage Joans arrive to the tune of Hospital Bed as the raspy Australian voice of Cahli Bakers lets rip before the duo launch into Honey (And Other Sweet Things) with drummer Tahlia Borg leading the way on vocals.

Tahlia’s drums absolutely pound during Yoke as the electricity and momentum builds. Everyone is smiling in the venue, a celebration of diversity, love and peace as Superglue engages the crowd to sing every lyric.

Candy Apple sounds as crunchy and sweet as the title suggest as Bakers jumps around the stage while smashing away on the guitar.

The set takes a moment to breathe with a magical acoustic performance of Wine with both Borg and Bakers singing however it’s really the crowd, resplendent with phone lights on, singing and waving that steal that part.

Everything about this show is fun, it’s entertainment and both performers are just getting better and better as they grow to their surroundings.

After the acoustic set finishes with moneymoneymoney it’s then a rocking Terrible and You’re Not The President, complete with the Barry Nottingham chant back, and a cover of Silk Chiffon continue the vibe that we are all involved in a magical moment in a fantasy world.

5 Things I Can Taste is another big loud fan favourite before the duo finish with album closer Kaleidoscope, raw and powerfully performed, as the last of the stardust is sprinkled on the crowd.

Next up to be cast under the Teenage Joans spell is Foo Fighters. They don’t come much more talented than that but I’m sure Foo Fighters will do their best to match them.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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