Mum Thinks Blue Return With Party Banger ‘Mr. Nice Guy’

Earning a reputation for a fun-fuelled and wonderfully chaotic live show which has seen them open Heaps Good Festival alongside Arctic Monkeys and Spacey Jane, Adelaide indie quintet and self-proclaimed “goofballs”, Mum Thinks Blue return with new single Mr. Nice Guy. Across a polished palette of disco infused drum patterns and playful keytars, ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ is lyrically more sombre than meets the eye, with vocalist Austin Dobbin reflecting on past moments of self-sabotage and trying to align with his version of a “nice guy”. Engineered and produced by Lucinda Machin and Josh Thomas at Forest Ranges studio in Adelaide Hills and mixed by Josh Thomas, Mum Thinks Blue take their refined and quirky style of songwriting to new heights with Mr. Nice Guy – unapologetic in their fun-loving attitude and desire to evolve and experiment with new sounds and instruments. The band answer some questions about their new single.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the title ‘Mr. Nice Guy’?
This song was one of our early/first songs we wrote about four years ago. The lyrics always sort of portrayed the message of being a bit of an asshole in certain situations or a period of time. When I was re-writing the lyrics I liked that even with the theme and the whole message of the song, the irony of the chorus almost reiterating “oh I’m still a nice guy though”. That line has always stuck, and I wrote it reflecting on a time where I wasn’t happy with how I was as a person, knowing I wasn’t a perfect me/what my view of what a ‘Nice Guy’ is. We as a band almost always have little code names for our songs that we do to try and remember what we write, almost always we never stick with those names so when it comes to finally releasing a single we have to sit down and talk about what we all feel the name should be.

What have been your most memorable studio moments of late?
We have been recording a lot of our stuff at Forest Ranges studio. Our close friend Lucinda produces and has previously mixed for us on previous releases, she’s pretty close to all of us and we spend a lot of time with her so being at her studio is always a really fun time. We love to make a nice weekend out of it and stay up in the hills and all in the studio. We play games, have cute group lunches and dinners, go on walks and of course smash a few drinkies!

What are some unexpected things that have inspired your music?
The original name for Mr. Nice Guy was ‘Toro’ which came from seeing the branded lawnmower with the same name in our mates shed during a jam one time. Musically we all listen to different stuff and genres. If one of us has an idea we all add our little touch to them but haven’t gotten inspiration from anything in particular. Lyrics however are inspired a lot by weather which is pretty weird aha, I write my best lyrics when it’s raining but still sunny for some reason.

If you could perform at any festival in the world, where would it be?
I think our music would be really good at Splendour In The Grass and that we would fit the vibe of the festival well. We pride ourselves on our versatility along with excitement and I just think it’ll really work (hint hint).

Who are some of your favourite Adelaide bands right now?
We love that Adelaide is so inclusive.We get along with a lot of the other bands so it’s hard to pick favourites but to name a few who we are really loving at the minute. Purèe Boys are great fun, their music is really clean and catchy and their shows are always a blast! Coldwave have always been up there for us, they’re such nice people and ever since we played with them we fell in love with their music instantly. St Jacques are really cool people, we loved playing with them and their music is so fun. We really love their live shows too, real cool vibes.

Give us a fun fact about each member of the band.
Hannah also plays drums
Josh loves apple crumble
Joaquin – no one has ever pronounced his name correctly including band members
Joe loves an impromptu google meet.
Austin owns more pairs of New Balance shoes than anyone on this planet.

Describe a typical Mum Thinks Blue live show.
Chaos… calm… chaos… fun… dance… finish

What’s on for the rest of 2023?
We have a fun Christmas show coming up on December 22! We also are playing in a little Adelaide local band fest called ‘No Hat No play’ which we are super excited for to play with all our mates!

Interview By Dean Valentino

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Catch Mum Thinks Blue at ‘Not Hat No Play’ on Saturday 4 November. Tickets from MoshTix

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