Regurgitator Crushing It 2023

crushing it.
full impact culture.
get it as you grow it.

And grow at will – off the back of a steady diet of anything comes another hot box of shows across the evaporating twilight of ’23.

The past year back on stages has crushed and improvised from Spring Loaded to Good Things to Units – more steps than one can wonder up that craggy trail of precarious independence lingering on the kindling embers of a bloated spectacle. All in the face of an industry fabricating a vortex of froth and culture packed and canned for your homogenous convenience. And the costs burn offerings like a dialed up hot spit roast set on excess.

“Independence is not a word which can be used as an exorcism, but an indispensable condition for the existence of people who are truly liberated, in other words who are truly masters of all the material means which make possible the radical transformation of society” (Fanon)

From the red hot centre of Mparntwe in September; stadium scale adventures with Weezer and KISS in October; festivals in Melton and now not in Newcastle, two nights of 5th birthday mayhem at Vinnie’s Dive Bar on the Gold Coast, a night at the much adored GOV in Adelaide, all collapsing in two nights of a Badlands closing down sale – we span the horizons. All travels carbon offset.

Mash on in the superfluous noise! Crush it up now.
An inclusive and cooperative society is the only way forward. We say YES!

REGURGITATOR crushing it. 2023.

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