30 Years Of Strung Out Australian Tour Dates

Strung Out are gearing up to unleash their explosive energy on the Australian stage as they embark on their monumental “30 Years of Strung Out” tour. Brimming with the same ferocious fire the band have carried with them on their three-decade-long career, the Californian punk rock five-piece are ready to carve a veritable maelstrom of shoutalong moshing craziness, ringing ears, sweat soaked tees and huge smiles on the faces of their ecstatic fans. Marked by raw intensity and relentless passion, intensity and fresh energy of the band.

Prepare for a blistering showcase of their signature punk sound, laced with razor-sharp guitar riffs, thunderous drum beats, and anthemic melodies that have defined their enduring legacy. Vivified and re-energised, the lengthy, wide-spanning tour will see the Southern Californian outfit play 10 dates in major cities and regional hot spots across Australia this October. Led by vocalist Jason Cruz, Strung Out’s impressive discography includes numerous critically acclaimed albums, including Twisted by Design, An American Paradox, and Exile in Oblivion.

Their music is characterised by fast-paced tempos, intricate guitars and emotionally charged vocals. Lyrically tackling a range of societal issues; weaving introspection and social commentary into their songs. Throughout their 30 year career, Strung Out have built a fiercely loyal fanbase and shared stages with some of the most notable punk acts in history Bad Religion and Pennywise.

Their high-energy, explosive live performances are renowned for their intensity and connection with the audience, solidifying their status as one of punk rocks most must-see acts. 30 years later and Strung Out are a monster of a band, machine-gun drums, scorching guitars, hard-hitting bass lines, and an in-your-face singer with more melodies than Top 40 radio – there’s no-one like Strung Out and is one of the defining band of the Californian punk scene. Don’t be an idiot…get tickets for this and get them now.

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