Alpha Street Join Stellie To Play The SA Band Showcase At The FIFA Fan Festival

What does the FIFA Women’s World Cup, South Australia Events and Alpha Street all have in common? All three are exciting, growing ventures typified by indomitable women smashing doors and glass ceilings down in a way that’s inspiring to a whole generation of people looking on wide-eyed and in wonder.

All three have combined as part of the FIFA Fan Festival SA Showcase on August 19 which promotes the best of South Australian talent at a free show on the banks of the Torrens and Alpha Street vocalist and lyrist Penny Atlas is excited to bring her bands vibe to forefront.

‘We bring 80s/90s nostalgia with a modern edge. I generally write in a story telling kind of way. Like the recording on a tape deck you would do back in the 80’s in your bedroom. Lyrically I would say as a musician I’m not airy fairy and write about nothing, everything I write has a deeper meaning.’

Latest single Too Much To Take, as well as tracks Sweet Talk, Best Days and Heavy are electro pop synth blasts from the past yet modernised that are catchy, fun and full of energy with a message.

‘I want the listener to relate, I think the things I write about are somewhat relatable, so they are things that happen in life. I want them to feel that someone gets them, someone’s been through this. Feel connected. Even if they don’t feel the lyrics, they can feel the fun. I want them to feel empowered.’

‘I never intended it to be for young females, but I guess because I am a female it may seem that way. I’m sure some of the stuff I write about like ‘Sweet Talk’ would relate more to females than men. But I never had that intention. I wrote the song ‘Anxiety’, and someone reached out to me and said that song saved their life. Putting myself out there, on the line and what I’m going through has made someone connected enough to feel they can keep going, because they don’t feel alone.’

Alpha Street are no stranger to the festival stage with spots at the Fringe and Tour Down Under, as well high charting success with Triple JJJ Unearthed under their belt however the three-piece band have evolved as they progress.

‘Pat would play electric drums, play guitars and a SPD, Adam would play two sets of keys, a SPD and a bass so what happens now is we discovered that when we play live it sounds great but we needed an ‘oomph’, and the need is live drums. We brought in John in from Across The Atlas and he was keen, leant the songs and now all the gigs we play will have a live drummer. That means the energy we will be putting out will be so much more! As far as I see it John is part of the band. Don’t know how he sees it. Just don’t ask him!”

Penny herself is strong representation of female empowerment in a predominantly male led band and industry yet the vocalist’s lyrics do not shy away from her truths and that edge is what makes the band a perfect fit for the FIFA Fan Fest.

‘There are elements of truth but when they are from is best not disclosed! But I also get lost in fantasy and I get to writing about scenarios that are not even in my life and sing about it. It’s a good thing I’m an overthinker and that creates the lyrics in my mind. It sounds awful but the more shit I go through the more creative I get!’
‘I love challenging myself and I saw an advertisement for someone looking for a singer for this band and I’m always thinking I’m capable of doing anything. I thought fuck it, let’s give it a go. They sent me some demos and I rocked up to band practice with an esky and apparently that swung it for me!”

This is just the start of the new chapter for Alpha Street and more music is on its way very shortly.

‘We are sitting on a release that we will be incorporating it into our set on the 19th! We have a new wave of motivation to write again which is incredible! We’re digging through some of the previous stuff and like ‘why haven’t we done anything with this?!’ I wrote something last week about what’s happening in my life right now. I would say we’ve got about 8 or 9 scratch tracks. So, we’ve got heaps of material and were gonna start focussing on that now.’

Interview By Iain McCallum

Catch Alpha Street at the FIFA Fan Festival with Stellie on Saturday August 19 from 8pm.

Visit to get to know about FIFA Fan Festivals™ across Australia and New Zealand.

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