Slowdive @ Hindley Street Music Hall, Adelaide 23/7/2023

Revered English rock band Slowdive made good on their cancellation at Daydream Festival a few months ago returning for a sold out Australian tour which will no doubt be considered as one of the finest gig experiences in 2023. This will be one of those gigs which people will be talking about for some time to come and all I can say is that you should of been there. Hindley Street Music Hall was packed and I can’t recall a time recently where the venue was this full in anticipation of this highly regarded band who were making their first visit to Adelaide.

This was a well considered and put together show and the set list reflects the thought of how these songs connect with other like a well woven tapestry take the fan on a journey. Walking out to Brian Eno’s Deep Blue Day set the scene for the next ninety minutes or so. There was little fan fare as the band emerged from backstage with the music doing all the talking. Opening with Slomo from 2018s self-titled album the screen behind them had a series of programmed patterns and shapes combined with the lighting to reflect the mood of the song.

The enthusiastic crowd knew the songs and watched on in awe of this band.It really didn’t take Slowdive long to win over Adelaide fans. Catch The Breeze was awesome as was Star Roving… absolutely sublime. The vocals of Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell were truly stunning. The highlights kept coming with Souvlaki Space Station, Crazy For You and Sugar For The Pill. Rachel acknowledged that it was “nice to be here finally” which was followed by a warm round of appreciation.

When The Sun Hits and Sleep were great moment and new single kisses from forthcoming album everything is alive was enough to get fans excited about the new album which drops this September and heightening the prospects of a return visit much sooner than later. The main set came an end on the majestic Golden Hair. The crowd wanted more even though they just about had their fill but Dagger and 40 Days was an awesome way to complete this awesome experience. If you weren’t there, you really did miss out.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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