The Angels Orchestrated ‘Symphony Of Angels’ @ Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide 30/6/2023

This was more than just a show or any ‘ole gig, this was The Angels Orchestrated in what was described as the ‘Symphony Of Angels’. This show took on special meaning and plenty of emotion as this was Dave Gleeson’s last show fronting The Angels and a changing of the guard with drummer Nick Norton moving to the front to assume front man duties. If there was going to be a show to go out on this would be it. All classic tunes from The Angels distinguished back catalogue complete with an orchestra and choir.

Last time we had the pleasure of experiencing the ‘Symphony Of Angels’ it was a completely different scenario being outside Covid style at Adelaide Showgrounds. This time it was a premium experience at the recently renovated and refurbished Her Majesty’s Theatre. With the orchestra taking their positions and commencing with Overture, Brewster brothers John and Rick, Nick Norton and Sam Brewster took the stage with Dave Gleeson for one last time as this line up. Dressed sharp and looking a million bucks this is The Angels at their very best and combined with this orchestra and choir made for a powerful combination.

There wasn’t lots of talking letting the music do all the talking with first set boasting strong salvos in the ilk Straight Jacket, After Dark, No Exit, Outcast, Face The Day and the massively popular Take A Long Line. Dave Gleeson had all the moves owning the stage and no doubt leaving massive shoes to fill from this show onwards.

After a short intermission there was plenty to like in the second set and the die hard fans were itching to get up and out of their seats to dance to these much treasured and revered songs. John Brewster thanked the crowd and reflected on starting out in Adelaide which got plenty of cheers. I think if I had half the energy of Rick and Brewster at their stage in half I think I’ll be be doing ok, both very classy guitar players. The second set started with Do It Again with John introducing Sam Brewster “my son” who upright bass on Be With You.

No Secrets, Shadow Boxer and My Light Will Shine were fantastic and it wouldn’t of been the complete show without Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again which brought the crowd right in to it adding that little bit extra to the chorus. Mr Damage and Fashion And Fame wrapped up an awesome couple hours of music with the crowd giving this ensemble a standing ovation that went for a good five minutes. Dave Gleeson proved again how highly regarded he is as one of the best front men going around and we’ll be looking on with keen interest to see how the next chapter unfolds for The Angels.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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