Sam Ryder Releases ‘Fought & Lost’ Featuring The Legendary Brian May

Following his performance at the Eurovision ‘23 final, Sam Ryder is back with a bang as he releases brand new track Fought & Lost, featuring the legendary Brian May on a mesmerising guitar solo.

The song is already making waves and has captivated fans worldwide with it premiering in the penultimate episode of the third season of the ​ critically acclaimed television series, Ted Lasso, now streaming on Apple TV+. The track perfectly complemented the narrative, resonating deeply with viewers and leaving a permanent mark on their hearts. Notably, Fought & Lost has already garnered an impressive 84,000 Shazam tags in 36 hours ​ (SPACEMAN got 38k on the day of Eurovision) showcasing the widespread admiration for Sam Ryder’s talent and the universal appeal of the song. The track is flying up Shazam charts around the world including Top 15 UK Shazam Chart, No.42 on the US Chart and enters the Top 200 on the Global Shazam chart.

Sam Ryder’s connection with the iconic band Queen has been no secret. Following a personal invitation from original band members and Dave Grohl. Sam had the honour of appearing on stage with them during the Taylor Hawkins tribute show. Moreover, in a breathtaking performance during Eurovision, Sam was joined by Roger Taylor on drums for a captivating rendition of Mountain.

With Fought & Lost, Sam Ryder continues to showcase his versatility as an artist and his ability to craft emotionally charged music that resonates deeply with listeners. The song combines powerful vocals, poignant lyrics, and Brian May’s unmistakable guitar prowess, resulting in an unforgettable musical journey.

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