Glitoris Return With Unapolagetic Rock Opera ‘Lickety Split’

“You can’t be all work and no play, so don’t miss a trick, click those sticks, and join Glitoris and the Gliterati at Lickety Split!”

Kicking off a huge national tour with experimental Australian icons Regurgitator, Ngunnawal Ngambri Country quartet Glitoris unleash Lickety Split – the fierce first offering from their upcoming album.

Within a hard-hitting, theatrical soundscape, Lickety Split is an appreciation of the human body and a celebration of queer sex positivity, with the band wearing their heart on their sleeves in solidarity with their eclectic, tight-knit community.

“The song is about sex positivity, and celebrating s3x w0rkers, capturing the queerness of the band, the Gliterati and our community,” the outfit explain.

“It was one of the first tracks written for our sophomore album and we had the title from the very beginning. ‘Lickety Split’ is a club full of fun and frivolity; every day is a lucky day and the strippers always get double bubble!”

Recorded at A-Sharp Studios with Anna Laverty (Courtney Barnett, Camp Cope) Lickety Split is layered with complex production and vocal stacks that allow it to exist as a punk-symphony. Inspired by the rhythm of Salt N’ Pepa’s Push It, the band incorporate unique elements such as a cabassa and a Roland 808 to craft a truly unique sound.

“The song sounds straightforward but it’s got an unusual arrangement and contrasting musical elements. The whole thing is layered up with 4-part harmonies, vocal breaks inspired by opera and Broadway, while Andrew plays a riff based on a Maqam.”

“Throw in some more cowbells, some 808 samples, some vibraslap and a gong (why the hell not?), and top it all off with a bucket full of sass and the song was complete!!”

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