“You Talkin’ To Me?” – Robbie Bostock

A striking collision of slick blues and uplifting retro hues, virtuosic guitarist Robbie Bostock is releasing his new single via the jubilant instrumental journey that is Cryptic Love. Showcasing Robbie’s burgeoning craftsmanship and dazzling delivery, Cryptic Love also offers a glimpse into the Gold Coast artist’s upcoming EP Explorations, out now. Busting out slinky basslines, sizzling guitarwork and soaring 80s undertones, Cryptic Love is an oscillating declaration of blues and Robbie’s love for the likes of Phil Emmanuel, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler and Hank Marvin, while ultimately also allowing the instrumentals to glimmer and shine. Self-produced, mixed and mastered by Robbie himself.

Name: Robbie Bostock

Alias: ‘Rob Dog’

In less than 50 words describe your music and yourself.
I would say my music is blues/ surf/ rock/ instrumental. My music is very guitar driven and focused. I love letting my guitar portray the story and emotion of a song and I’ve always loved the idea of the guitar being at the forefront. I’m a creative person who is passionate about music.

What was the first rock/pop concert you attended?
The first rock concert I ever attended was Homebake Festival 99’. It was an incredible showcase of Aussie talent. Something For Kate and Powderfinger being the stand outs.

Punk or Goth Music:
I would say Punk. Pop punk was very popular when I was in high school

Who are you excited about, music wise, at the moment?
I’m really enjoying The Wolfe Brothers new record at the moment, they are an excellent band.

The Best live artist/band you’ve seen:

Your “In the mood for love” song:
I think Bryan Adams is the king of love ballads, such an incredible singer. Heaven or Everything I Do would be two of his best.

What are you currently reading?
The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

Your favourite Sunday morning chill out record?
The Sundown record by Gordon Lightfoot. He was such an amazing songwriter. My mother would play his records most weekends when I was a kid.

Which song do you wish you had written?
Going Home by Mark Knopfler

Author Manuel Puig said “I’m not terribly happy about rock and roll. Rock music is uninspiring, numbing; it makes you feel like an idiot.” Discuss.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think Rock’n Roll music is very inspiring. I love the energy that Rock’n roll music gives, it lifts me up and makes me feel good.

Vinyl, Cassette, CD, mp3 or Streaming?
As a consumer of music I prefer streaming. It’s just so easy; I can access what I want quickly and the audio is high quality. And I don’t have to worry about Cd/ vinyl scratches or tape tangles.

If you could hang out with any music artist, in a bar one afternoon, who would it be?
Angus Young and Brian Johnson would be a fun hang at a bar I reckon!

What is your worst habit?
I’m a bit of a chocoholic

How often do you look at your mobile phone?
Like most people I look at it way too often. I normally try not to look at it at night.

Any good backstage stories?
On my eighteenth birthday I did a support gig for INXS with my sibling band ‘The Bostocks’. There were also a few Brisbane Lions footballers attending the concert who had, at the time, just won 3 premierships in a row. Anyway, after the show we got invited to the after party and it was a fantastic night. There I was, freshly eighteen years old, drinking my first Crown Lager with INXS and Jonathan Brown! It was not a bad way to celebrate my eighteenth!

An alien lands on Earth and wants to know what Rock and roll sounds like. What song do you play them?
Johnny B Goode. by Chuck Berry

Favourite all time TV show:
I don’t watch much TV but I would say the early Simpsons episodes would be my favorite.

What is your specialty in the kitchen?

With whom would you like to record a song with?
Well, not that they would need me but it would be a dream to do something with either Hank Marvin or Tommy Emmanuel, they have both inspired me and so many other guitarists. I’ve performed alongside Tommy a couple of times before and it’s like sparring with Muhammed Ali in his prime, it’s frightening but he brings the best out of you.

You have tickets to see The Killers and Bruce Springsteen but they are on the same night. Which one do you attend?
Bruce Springsteen

Where do you hope to be in 12 months?
I hope to be still writing and performing and getting better as a musician. I also hope to have another E.P. out in that time as well.

Interview By Geoff Jenke

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