Next Stop Adelaide For Redhook’s ‘Postcard From Living Hell’ National Tour

Redhook are well in to their “Postcard From Living Hell” national tour which stops in Adelaide at the Enigma Bar tonight which also includes Bad/Love, Bellehaven and Grenade Jumper along for the ride. It has been a massive year already for Redhook who continue to move from strength to strength and there’s plenty more in front for this awesome young band. Guitarist Ned Jankovic from the band drops by to answer a few questions for Hi Fi Way.

2023 already has been a massive year and a wild ride, do you ever think it was going to be as successful as you thought?
Honestly, it took us by surprise! We’re completely independent, which always feels like a disadvantage going in to any music release, because suddenly you’re competing against all these other artists who are being pushed by big labels with international reach. All we have is ourselves, so we often feel like the underdogs. So seeing the success of the album so far has really blown our minds. We are so grateful for the support from everyone!

Have you been over the moon with the response and feedback to your debut album Postcard From A Living Hell?
Over the moon and then some! Triple j feature album and debuting in the top 10 Australian album and vinyl ARIA charts? We can still barely comprehend it! We also just found out we debuted at no.#1 on the Australian Independent Radio charts! That said though, I think we’ve been most excited about how well the album has been received by our fans. There’s been nothing but love, which is what we care most about. We worked so hard on this LP and came out stoked on every single track, so the biggest success is finding out the fans feel the same.

With all the touring what has been the biggest highlight that has stood out most for you?
We’ve been so fortunate to get to play so many incredible festivals and shows over the past few years! But I think for me, number one has to be Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park in Germany last year. Rock Am is iconic, it’s one of the biggest festivals in Europe, and always features some of the biggest artists in rock, metal and alternative music in the world. The fact that we were invited to play that festival still blows our minds! The reception was amazing as well. We were opening the day, so coming out to a packed house (and a crowd of legends who started circle-pitting before we even asked them to) was beyond amazing!

What was it like touring with The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction?
Insane! Everyone from the bands, to the wrestlers, to the crew were just legendary. Everyone worked so hard, with such a positive attitude. Playing outside was awesome too, it was a full festival. Some of the venues were right next to the beach, so getting to relax after our set with a drink in hand by the water made us feel very spoiled! And of course, we also got to play with two of the most iconic rock bands of all time!

Do you learn a lot from touring with these big international acts?
With every tour we do, we always learn something new! I always come into everything we do with our music with an inquisitive mind. It’s really important that you have that attitude because you can never progress if you don’t try and soak in as much knowledge as possible from everyone. Not just from the bands, but from the crew as well! Everyone has something that you can take away which can help you in the future. Even if it’s just what not to do!

Did you get to meet them and hang out on tour?
Most of the band got to meet Billy Corgan! They had a great conversation and snapped a photo or two. Personally, I saw Josh Klinghoffer (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist who was filling in for Jane’s Addiction) and James Iha from the Pumpkins around, but I chickened out on saying hi! They’re both such big influences on me and I was nervous I’d nerd out too much!

How excited are you to be touring overseas through Europe?
Can not wait! This will be my second time touring Europe but the third for the rest of the band. Europe is beautiful and the crowds are bonkers. We’re so ready to kick it with our friends in Stand Atlantic and can’t wait to meet Beauty School Dropout. I’ve been listening to their music for a while so I’m really looking forward to hanging out and watching their live set (promise I won’t chicken out this time!). Also, we’re beyond excited to play Download and see the Blackout’s first show back in years! Not to mention play alongside Muse and Incubus at Rock for People in Czech!

Are you pumped for another lap around the country before heading overseas and what can fans expect on this tour?
Always! We love touring Oz and can’t wait to play some new songs for our homegrown fans and see a bunch of familiar faces! What to expect on tour…? I should probably keep that one secret 😉 The only way to find out is by coming to a show! But, I will say, expect high-energy chaos, cameos, costumes and lots of surprises.

Did you pick supports Bad/Love, Belle Haven and Grenade Jumper?
With every headline tour we do, we always work together with our management and booking team to choose a lineup, but this tour package just seemed to align on all fronts. Bad/Love, Belle Haven and Grenade Jumper are all incredibly talented bands and wonderful human beings. They’ve all got very bright futures ahead, and we love how they each bring their own unique dimension, style and sound to these shows. We’re already a few gigs in and the good vibes are high!

Besides lugging gear up those stairs at Enigma Bar what do you look forward to when you play in Adelaide?
Oh Great, thanks for reminding me about those damn stairs!!! haha, Besides our fans (who are awesome in Adelaide!) I am really looking forward to the 24 hour bakeries. To be honest, the food in general in Adelaide is amazing. We are a foodie band so we love finding new restaurants and cafes! Hindley Street for the win!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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