The Vanns Release New Single ‘Last Of Your Kind’

With intensity & euphoria, The VANNS have unveiled the title-track off of their long-awaited forthcoming album Last Of Your Kind. Setting the tone for what is an anthemic record, the track Last Of Your Kind takes measured guitars alongside a inspired vocal performance from Jimmy Vann. Sonically the track pulls reference to artists such as Gang of Youths, The National, Arcade Fire & Broken Social Scene.

The VANNS returned to a familiar setting to record both Last Of Your Kind the single & the album, with The Music Farm’s (Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel) Chris Collins (Skeggs, Middle Kids) taking the lead on production, bringing a mastery that drives Last Of Your Kind into a track of stratospheric inspiration. The title-track sets the tone for the album, with another seamless example of how The VANNS have grown into masters of expansive indie-rock, trailblazers in their own right for the songwriting & emotion that can be defined by guitars, drums & vocals.

“The idea behind ‘Last Of Your Kind’ and a message throughout the album is living the most fruitful and spontaneous life you possibly can, in saying that, there is also no hiding the fact that we can all hit rock bottom, but you will always make it out the other side. Drop all the walls of questioning what other people may think about you. Embrace being different, embrace being weird and embrace being you, there will never be another… so make YOU the best fucking version you can.” The VANNS

“The four of us have all been through a whirlwind of change in the last couple of years in the making of this record, but we have never been closer as mates. The recording process was a pretty surreal experience, most of the tracks are nearly all recorded live with us four in a room and some even entirely (vocals and everything). We had our good mate Chris Collins producing this record and it was so tight knit with him, he really got the best out of us being a live band and honing that live energy. So cheers to album number two and many more to come…” The VANNS

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