British India @ The Gov, Adelaide, 29/4/2023

It was Saturday night done right seeing British India with support from Sycamore at The Gov and there was plenty to celebrate with the band recently receiving ARIA Gold record status for their songs I Can Make You Love Me and Suddenly. It was a really good vibe at The Gov for what was a great night of rock ‘n roll.

The band looked up and about getting off to a rocking start with Black and White Radio. With the end of the Rolled Gold tour coming to end front man Declan Melia said he was hoping that the tour would never end despite the band feeling like they have always been on tour since 2008. Acknowledging their recent ARIA gold and platinum status Melia didn’t think that was to bad for a ‘little bedroom project. I Thought We Knew Each Other was killer and Melia said that this would be a special night and that if punters knew that they would have charged more as he was counting down to his birthday at midnight saying that they had turned twenty eight many times.

British India have so many great songs in the armoury to draw upon with Plastic Souvenirs proving very popular and song about forgetting to grow up when all your friends have. The great songs continued back to back with Tie Up My Hands, Spider Chords, Blinded and Russian Roulette which was done brilliantly well. Vanilla was for all the OG British India fans and I Said I’m Sorry was another highlight.Melia threw it open to crowd to request a song with the result being Council Flat followed by Just Sing Like Everybody Else.

The cover of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones The Impression That I Get was really cool serving as an intro in to Suddenly which saw the crowd moving and grooving. The time really did whiz by with the band finishing the main set on I Could Make You Love Me and Wrong Direction. Returning for an encore there were a couple more moments left to shine for British India playing Run the Red Light and Summer Forgive Me. Melia left Adelaide saying that we’ll see you next time so fingers crossed that a return visit is on the cards.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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