Nicholas Brown On New Single ‘Up And Coming’

Travel headfirst back to the 80s with a bouncy, modern twist courtesy of the vivid debut single Up And Coming from singer, songwriter and actor Nicholas Brown. A playful, soulful and buoyant outing, Up And Coming is also accompanied by a new music video, wielding sprawling psychedelic flourishes and Bollywood disco nods. Kaleidoscopic, warm and irresistibly inviting, Nicholas Brown’s new single also syncs up with his exciting lead role in the new ABC musical four-part TV series In Our Blood.

The first single released by Nicholas as a solo artist, Up And Coming is a glistening love letter to the 80s and pop music Nicholas grew up adoring. Part Dead Or Alive, part Bananarama with lashings of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Wham and Kylie Minogue, Up And Coming was first penned by Nicholas a few years ago, at the time tirelessly working to tackle the entertainment industry while celebrating small wins. Resulting in a dance floor delight that is simultaneously upbeat and poignant, Up And Coming initially grew its legs in Los Angeles before evolving into its glossy present state.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of Up and Coming?
The lyric before the chorus in the song answers this question perfectly. Working up a rhythm, challenging the system, set the wheels in motion, building to explosion.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
Working with producer Sakgra was pretty awesome – we were both definitely on the same page re: the 80s sound. Sakgra lives in Greece so the time difference was sometimes difficult and several of my notes were sometimes lost in translation – but it was otherwise quite a smooth experience. I’m quite meticulous with the notes I give and I was adamant to have the full story of the song told with that Italo Disco sound. I’ve taken my time getting this song ready for release. The music video was a challenging process. Finding the right collaborators and making sure we were on the same page. I worked with some 3D animators for the video and AI artists – that was challenging wrapping my head around the technicality of making an animated music video.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Electro Pop. Pleasurable dance music with a message.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
I’d have to say Björk. She is an incredible multi-disciplinary artist who pushes herself to explore uncharted sonic worlds. She is an inspiration. And her lyrics always blow me away.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
My mum had a framed picture on the back of our toilet door when I was growing up. It had ten suggestions of how to live your life. I can’t remember any of them but I’m sure I’ve applied some of them subliminally. I’d say the best advice I’ve been given is to listen to what’s written on the back of your mother’s toilet door.

What is the Nicholas brown life story?
Brown boy from Western Sydney. Discovered music and theatre at a young age. Moved to the city as a teenager to go to a performing arts high school. Went to acting school straight after. Worked as an actor on TV and sang for five years in a funk band. Fell in love several times over. Moved to Mumbai and worked as a villain in Bollywood on and off for six years. Fell in love a few more times but kept moving. Moved to Los Angeles – found another funk band to funk with. Fell in love again but not with the city. Moved back to Sydney – kept working in TV/film and releasing music. Finally put down some roots after being quite the wanderer for many years.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
As per the lyric in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s obscure Indian musical Bombay Dreams : “Anything is possible in Bombay dreams.”

What’s next for you?
More music. More collaborations. I have several TV gigs that will go to air this year. Lots of writing, moving and shaking.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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