George Alice Is Heading To Vintage Vibes On Sunday

Be sure to get to Vintage Vibes early tomorrow to catch George Alice. Having won Triple J Unearthed High with her track Circles the local Adelaide singer songwriter has gone from strength to strength. Tracks Circles and Stuck in a Bubble have amassed millions of global streams, landing coveted cover profiles on Spotify’s Pop n’ Fresh and The Local List as well as picking up a spin from Sir Elton John on his ROCKET HOUR show on Apple Music 1. Having played to thousands of music fans at event and festivals including Laneway Festival, Rolling Sets, Twilight at Taronga and the Australian Open, as well as opening for Broods, Vera Blue and Tash Sultana 2023 is set to be another big year. Hi Fi Way spoke to George Alice about playing Vintage Vibes.

How much are you looking forward to playing Vintage Vibes?
I’m so excited, especially for a home town show I’m super stoked.

Do you approach playing a festival any differently than your own show?
Not really, I know festivals will be a lot more fun as there are more people around and other artists to interact with. I go in to everything with the same mindset which I think is important.

Is there anyone on the bill you are looking forward to seeing play?
I’m really excited to see Angus & Julia Stone, I’ve always been a big fan of them so it will be fun. Gang Of Youths will also be amazing. I think everyone on the same day I’m playing is amazing and I’ve been a big fan of. It will be a great day.

Are you playing mostly the hits or trying out some new songs?
There are a few new songs, we have rebuilt the set I play now for Splendour but I never got to play it because of the cancellation. There are a few new songs in there which I have been working on. Mostly, all the stuff off the EP will be in there.

Do you get to put in any strange rider requests?
Nothing to crazy I don’t think! Every now and then if it is a big show we usually ask for Cruisers! The whole classic eighteen/ nineteen year old girl thing was to drink a lot of Cruisers. So lots of Cruisers and lots of vegan stuff because my drummer is vegan so that’s as loud as we get around here.

Beyond Vintage Vibes what does the rest of the year look like for George Alice?
I have been working on a lot of new music, I can’t really say to much as of yet. I have been in LA for a few months last year working on new stuff, just growing up a lot and growing as an artist trying to figure out the next steps but I think 2023 will be the year of new music and showcasing that in a lot more shows in the next phase of George Alice.

How was the whole experience of being in LA? Is it a real creative hub over there?
Yeah, it really is. I feel like there are some pockets that are really welcoming and you make heaps of friends with everybody wanting to help you take the next steps. It is a great place to bunker down and make a body of work.

Do you think you could have achieved the same results anywhere else?
I think as they say pressure makes diamonds, being in a place where the best of the best are there and work with all these people who have worked with the stars, the pressure in my case helps me do my best. When everyone gets good they just bunker down in LA and that’s where they stay, so if you want to work with anybody who has worked with these people going to LA is the easiest way to find them.

Is that something in the back of your mind about potentially relocating over there to keep pushing your career forward?
I think so, I did four months over there last year , being nineteen and living by myself in another country and navigating that world was a lot to take in but did help me grow up a lot. I think now when that opportunity does come up I’m more prepared for it as something that will be on the cards for me in the future.

Could you believe some of the people you crossed paths with and has that helped keep the creative fire going?
A lot of the people I met and I was lucky enough to work with gave me the belief that I can do this and to believe in myself a little bit more because everyone has imposter syndrome especially how I feel I’m always the youngest in every room. Now, working with these people and having those opportunities given to me has been great for the confidence. Going back to LA and working with those people again I can only grow from there.

I know you can’t say much about your new music but when it does drop do you think people will go oh wow there has been a subtle shift in your sound?
I took a lot time listening to music and studying other people’s albums, when someone would put out a single I would really sit with it and think about how they are doing their singles, how are they doing their albums and EPs? I wanted to absorb as much as I could and transform that in to the music I am making. When I was making the music, I wasn’t making it for any reason but making it because I could and I wanted to practice and learn more. The music I was making and was known for was music I was making when I was fifteen. I’m a completely different person now and that reflects a lot in the new music.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch George Alice on Sunday 2 April, tickets HERE

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