Avalanche On New Single ‘Sweet Baby Brown Eyes’

Avalanche is part of the great tradition of incomparable, pure Oz rock attracting massive attention on a global scale and they’re back with their new release, Sweet Baby Brown Eyes. The new track is more than just a blistering no-holds-barred musical experience but a fusion of contemporary rock power with rock history and lineage.

Sweet Baby Brown Eyes is a cover of the cult Aussie rock classic by the legendary pub rock band Avalanche, who the band’s very own Steven Campbell’s dad Adrian Campbell fronted in the 70s and from who the outfit got its name. Recorded at A Sharp Recording Studios with Grammy-nominated and ARIA award-winning producer Steve James (Airbourne, Sex Pistols, The Angels, Cold Chisel), Avalanche’s new one is the band’s biggest, boldest, and most ambitious release yet. The four-piece from Western Sydney harnesses their brand of thunderous rock fire to explore themes of lost love, time and yearning. Featuring dual guitars, scorching solos, electrifying vocals and unyielding rock grooves, Sweet Baby Brown Eyes is the break-out smash for part of the vanguard of new Australian rock, Avalanche. Singer and bass player Steven Campbell answered a few questions about the new single.

How exciting is the build up to the release of the single Sweet Baby Brown Eyes and the upcoming tour?
This has definitely been our most anticipated single so far. We’ve had fans messaging us since day one to do a cover of an old Avalanche song and we’re so happy to finally be able to produce it for our audience. It’s really a pretty big moment for all of us.

What’s the story behind the single Sweet Baby Brown Eyes? Does it feel like, particularly with this single, a full circle moment given the origins of the song?
Well, my dad Adrian Campbell was in a band back in the 70s called Avalanche who had a self titled album in 1976 with a few billboard charting hits on it including Sweet Baby Brown Eyes. They shared managers and shared stages with AC/DC and a bunch of other major Aussie rock acts at the time, their record sold well worldwide with fans all over the world still messaging us pics of their copies to this day, and they were even once sampled by The Notorious B.I.G. When we were first putting the band together I suggested we name ourselves after their group as my dad taught me how to sing and was a big influence on my life. We all agreed and after that it was only a matter of time before we released a cover of one of their cult classics. So yeah, definitely feels full circle!

Sonically, how would you describe this single?
Well it’s a bit more upbeat to its predecessor as we decided to really extenuate the hard rock elements of the tune. We have two guitars in our band as well so the double rhythm track really brought the sound above and beyond for me. We also added a few melodies to the verse and the end of the chorus to help give it a bit more of a defined sound as well and V added some new solos and overall I’m really happy with the arrangement we went with.

Any significant influences for the band this time around?
Definitely the original Avalanche and how we could put our spin on their sound, as well as that whole 1970s aussie pub rock sound from bands like AC/DC, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, The Angels, Rose Tattoo etc

Is the band working towards an album/EP?
It’s definitely something we’re thinking of working towards, I think at the moment we’ve been having a fair bit of success releasing singles and touring them but definitely looking at doing another EP or an album soon.

What has the energy been like in the band room during rehearsals?
It’s been as strong as ever. We tend to go pretty hard and rehearse at least 2-3 times a week even when we’re not touring. The pandemic put a stop to that for a while but when we came back we barley missed a beat. And we’ve been absolutely stoked to get back out on the road this year after coming of the back of our last release tour for ‘Bottle Of Sin’ we ended up getting some festival slots, touring with Dead City Ruins. playing our first international tour and festival in New Caledonia and even opening for Buckcherry and Fozzy when they played Sydney late last year, were more keen than ever to get back out there!

What fans expect to hear and experience on this tour?
We have a new set list, we’re going to places we’ve never been and we’re gonna be doing things we haven’t done before so fans can expect a loud, rowdy, sweaty rock show and a bit of the unexpected!

Do you have a favourite spot in Adelaide?
Well to be honest this will be the first time we’ve actually been to Adelaide but we’re hoping for a warm welcome and to make it the first of many times. So I’m sure after this visit we’ll all definitely have a favourite Adelaide jaunt.

What’s next for Avalanche?
Fans can expect more music, more tours, more merch and a heap of good times. We’re not planning on stopping anytime soon and we’ve already started work behind the scenes for all of it so everyone should keep their eyes and ears peeled for our next move.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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