Tim Rogers & The Twinset @ The Gov, Adelaide 3/3/2023

It was definitely a celebration at The Gov with Tim Rogers & The Twinset new album Tines of Stars Unfurled landing at number four on the ARIA album charts (and number one on the ARIA Australian albums chart). Whilst numbers might not mean much this is significant as the spotlight on this terrific album is well deserved. It was quite a chilled and low key build up to their set and with that much on and around Adelaide at the minute saw the diehard faithful assemble to experience this show. Much has been said about this second installment to bookend 1999’s What Rhymes With Cars And Girls twenty four years later with Tines Of Stars Unfurled so the curiosity for me would be how these two album albums would connect together live. Potentially, each show would have an infinite amount of possibilities drawing on the wisdom of both albums.

So, the national tour started in Adelaide and The Twinset are some of the best players in the land with original collaborators Jen Anderson (violin) and Davey Lane (guitar) with drummer John Consi and Ruben Shannon (double bass) making for a formidable line up. There’s so much class with The Twinset and it shows in the music with plenty of synergy in this music family of sorts. Opening with a Bushell and a Peck was followed by the charmer in Been So Good, Been So Far. A Quiet Anniversary was written about Tim’s dad and Twenty Two was written to show off what drummer John Consi sound’s like. Jokingly, Tim said that they found double bassist Ruben Shannon at Noarlunga bus station and ‘learnt real quick’. Arse Kickin’ Lady From the Northwest was gold and I Left My Heart In A Country Church Hall was about AA meetings in Wodonga. I think the insight and commentary in Tim Rogers fashion is fascinating.

Jen Anderson’s influence on this band is significant with Tim making the comment after Happy Anniversary that she plays that ‘mini guitar’ well. The respect for each other runs deep and comes across in the music. As described by Tim sarcastically that Davey Lane is the laziest guitarist in the land who has played a lot of songs since #4 Record who has the #4 record the land influence is significant also. With ‘more tales of misery for our enjoyment’ Tim made the inference about the locals not knowing what aeroplanes are where he lives now playing I Live Near A Train Station as their version of ‘group therapy’.

Absolutely loved Up-A-Ways with Jen Anderson on vocals as well. Tim thanked the crowd for taking a chance on the band referring to touring Europe with Wilco back in the day suggesting to touring done right at fifty three is the same as twenty three which led in to Hi, We’re The Support Band. You Just Don’t Do It For Me Friend was a gem topped off by the story Jeff Consi ‘the pizza guy’ with extra pepperoni with Tim thinking he was the Pizza Guy (from You Am I’s Hi Fi Way) and another moment breaking down in Seymour in a Volkswagen inspiring the song The Drinks They Drained As I Drove Away and drink ‘fruit tingles’ to keep the weight down. You’ve Been So Good To Me So Far is undoubtedly one of my favourite songs which was great to hear, loved it. The show came to an end with the aptly titled The Songs They Played As I Drove Away which morphed in to a ripping cover of Neil Young’s Don’t Cry No Tears. It would have been great to hear omitted cover Eight Days A Week but nonetheless this was a great Friday night out done right. With no encore, to be honest they were that good they didn’t need one, there was plenty to reflect on and fingers crossed they tour again later this year.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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