Tim Rogers & The Twinset ‘Tines Of Stars Unfurled’

You Am I front man Tim Rogers is back with The Twinset on his second installment to bookend 1999’s What Rhymes With Cars And Girls twenty four years later with Tines Of Stars Unfurled. That album was such a significant moment in Tim’s career landing an ARIA for best male artist but also kicking off a flourishing solo career (1999 at the UniBar in Adelaide is still a highlight for me) with many memorable shows and even a stage play which was the catalyst to cast a critical eye over these songs.

So what started as a writing exercise to right some of the wrongs of the lyrics Rogers recalled as many of the Twinset to start work on what would be Tines Of Stars Unfurled. Original collaborator Jen Andersen (violin and strings) returns to the fold and her influence is significant on the album. Also back in the Twinset is original member Davey Lane (guitar) with Jeff Consi (drums) and Richard Bradbeer (bass) making this one formidable line up. Tines Of Stars Unfurled is an amazing album and one could say the rarest of rock ‘n roll phenomena delivering a sequel album.

First single Been So Good Been So Far is a clear example of Rogers correcting You’ve Been So Good To Me So Far questioning who is that person? proving to be the ultimate exercise in self reflection. Even the youthful exuberance of I Left My Heart All Over The Place has been superseded by a well worn middle age perspective of Left My Heart. Twenty Two zips along and is a glimpse in to excitement that Rogers has for his daughter’s future whereas Twenty Eight captured those thoughts of youth, life and time passing by. If this was an experiment no doubt Rogers has proven his hypothesis with this sequel.

Tines Of Stars Unfurled is a stunning album which serves as the perfect bookend to What Rhymes With Cars And Girls and with a national tour about to get underway hearing these new songs come to life will give fans another chance to bask in Rogers wisdom again.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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