Mornington Peninsula Breakthrough Act Teenage Dads Reveal Their Highly Anticipated New Single

With the release of their latest EP Midnight Driving fast approaching (out Friday 3rd March ), Teenage Dads have released their latest single and EP title track Midnight Driving. To mark the release, Teenage Dads have also revealed an incredibly eerie, mysterious and dark Halloween-inspired official video clip for the new single.

Midnight Driving’s extraterrestrial-esque synths are layered over a slower, bass-heavy melody with melancholy lyricism – introducing a new side and sound of the band we’re yet to hear. Nostalgic of late Summer nights driving through the suburbs, the band explain Midnight Driving was written whilst “coming to an understanding that a relationship is on its way out. Maybe you don’t want it to end, maybe you do. Depends on which seat you’re in. Are you in the passenger seat begging to go for another drive? Or are you the driver ready to speed off into the night?”

To celebrate the release of their highly requested new single, Teenage Dads have treated us with an eerie new video clip that gives Midnight Driving a whole new, hauntingly wicked meaning. The Halloween-inspired official video follows the band getting ready for a very Americana-inspired night of trick-or-treating that takes a dark turn. Directed by Kyle Caulfield(Three Nights) and shot on location in Melbourne, the band explain “we’ve always wanted to do something less happy-go-lucky, so it was an exciting change seeing ourselves in these spooky settings,” the end product like “a horror film from the 80s.”

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