Extra Curricular @ The Lark at Gluttony, Adelaide 18/2/2023

“Wildly relatable for teachers and parents alike, Extra Curricular will have you giggling like school children all the way to sports day”

The hilarious and creative minds behind Endo Days Libby Trainor-Parker and her husband Matt, are back at this year’s Fringe with another musical comedy, this time about the trials and tribulations of life as an educator. Set as a “Professional Development Day” (or PD day for those in the business) the audience are invited to participate in an interactive musical comedy led by Ms Trainor-Parker as the animated, smart mouthed brazen Performing Arts teacher.

Not surprisingly, the venue is sold out for their Saturday performance and packed with teachers- plus those of us who have some understanding of those rewarding yet challenging school years. Libby delivers a brutally honest comedy routine indulging in banter with the audience between musical numbers performed by her and the band (all suitably assigned various teaching roles) that tackle the very important issues such as mutual dislike of parent teacher interviews, the various and long list of unofficial roles teachers are expected to perform and the contentious issue of mug stealing in the staff room.

In among the chaos of butcher paper, buzzwords and an outrageous and awkward burlesque strip tease, the audience are split into two houses, given pom poms and treated to a sports day (the best day on the school calendar). Each side attempts a classic egg and spoon race and everyone is a willing participant.

Extra-Curricular is a light-hearted, satirical and refreshing performance delivered energetically that at its heart pays homage to teachers and the hard work they do. Everyone gets to leave with a PD certificate having participated in this highly educative event.

Fringe Review By Bec Scheucher

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