Frenzal Rhomb Drop New Single ‘Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids’ And Announce New Album

It’s been a cold and dark 6 years, but don’t worry, Frenzal Rhomb are back!

And they’re taking you on a journey.

So put the child seat in the back of the Hyundai Accent, drop the bottom string down to C# and let’s go to a place where the train line ends and you have to get a bus, where nu-metal never really died, and where the chatter of happy families is interrupted by the buzz of WhatsApp messages and “sorry Jaxxon, Daddy has to go talk to those grown-ups for a bit”.

Discussing the imminent arrival of a new long player, the band confirmed, “We’ve done a new album! Took us a while because, you know, gestures everywhere, but we did it.”

Frenzal Rhomb is Jason Whalley, Gordy Forman, Michael Dallinger and Lindsay McDougall.

The Cup Of Pestilence – the new album by Frenzal Rhomb – out April 7 on Virgin Music, pre-order here

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