WILD SIDE Debuts At The Adelaide Fringe

When a show has the following descriptions ‘Glam Rock soundtrack, glitter and sass, clothing, rules, and manners are out the door and leaves you screaming for more” then it has to be a show to see if you like something unpredictable and fun! Winning Newcastle Fringe, Best Premier and Best Cabaret in Newcastle Fringe in 2022, WILD SIDE features Australia’s finest Burlesque, Circus and Drag. Hi Fi Way spoke to producer and performer Hannah Indigo who is bringing the show for the first time to the Adelaide Fringe.

WILD SIDE is your show and it’s the first time at Adelaide Fringe, can you tell us a bit about it? 
WILD SIDE is an ode to all things 80s glam rock, we’ve combined the greatest Australian burlesque, drag, sideshow and circus and iconic 80s rock hits to bring you a show oozing with animal print and spandex! The soundtrack includes Motley Crue, ACDC, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, Judas Priest, Guns N Roses… plus way more!

The show has won a few awards at Newcastle Fringe, Best Premier and Best Cabaret in Newcastle Fringe 2022. How does it feel to have your show be acknowledged by these accolades?
It felt so good to be recognised and supported by the local community in Newcastle. The show was born there in 2021 and at the time the cast was 90% Newcastle artists, we had a sold-out debut weekend season in 2021 which was so great, it really gave us faith that people were into the show idea and that people loved the 80s just as much as I do!

How did you come up with the concept of your show?
I [Hannah] am a massive fan of the 80s! My all-time favourite band is Motley Crue, closely followed by KISS and Guns N Roses. It’s such an iconic time in music history and I know there are people out there that love it as much as I do. I’ve seen a few 80s themed shows before, but nothing that was specifically 80s glam rock… so here it is!

What are you looking forward to being the first time the show is at Adelaide Fringe?
I’m really excited to work in our venue, Empire Cabaret Theatre, in the Wonderland Festival Hub! I saw Rebel in this venue at the Northern Fringe in July 2022 and it was absolutely amazing, it’s an in the round theatre style layout and the audience is close to the stage and it just feels like you’re on the stage there with them, I can’t wait to see people’s reactions!

Have you been or performed at the Adelaide Fringe before?
I [Hannah] have not been to Adelaide Fringe before! The majority of our cast hasn’t either so we’re all fresh faced and excited to see it all. I plan to get to as many shows as I can while we’re in town!

What are three words to describe WILD SIDE? 
80s Rock Bangers!

Fringe Interview By Anastasia Lambis

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