Floodlights Release New Single ‘Lessons Learnt’ And Announce Album ‘Painting Of My Time’

Melbourne 4-piece Floodlights have today released new single and video, Lessons Learnt, the follow up to last year’s offering, Human. The dynamic video was directed by Tim Williams and produced by Amy Pollock/Strange Paradise, and features dancers Michaela Tancheff, Nikki Tarling, and Harrison Ritchie-Jones.

Vocalist/guitarist Louis Parsons explains, “To align with our musical progression as a band, we wanted every aspect around the new album to convey a sense of expansive change. We did this in Lessons Learnt by using new mediums of expression such as dancing and dramatic lighting to capture the essence of the song, as well as giving the viewer a glimpse of what’s to come.”

Lessons Learnt is a further exploration of the band’s forthcoming second full-length release, titled Painting of My Time, dropping on April 21 (Virgin Music).

Painting of My Time was recorded live on a 24-track tape machine over three days by Nao Anzai at Soundpark Studios in Melbourne. The resulting ten tracks were sent to London to be mixed by the acclaimed sound engineer, Andrew Savours (Black Country New Road, Arctic Monkeys, My Bloody Valentine), before returning home to Melbourne to be mastered by Joe Carra (Amyl & The Sniffers, King Gizzard).

Painting of My Time encapsulates the sonic and personal progression of the group, masterfully showcasing the signature, evocative lyricism that the band is known for. It’s a journey of observations, reshaping views and identity, elaborating on themes of personal turbulence, self-exploration, and the Australian landscape as a form of escapism. Taking their form from scrawled poetic prose, Floodlights’ lyrics are honest. Lyricists, Ashlee Kehoe, and Louis Parsons, write expressively and with purpose. Words mature into melodies and grow into songs that encapsulate a feeling. Stories that can’t be spoken without the allure the sum of each of its parts offer.

“One of the greatest joys of writing is harnessing the transition from a lyrical idea, to a fully formed composition that reflects the feelings you had when you wrote the lyrics”, says Kehoe.

Painting of My Time conjures the rawness of rock ‘n’ roll through a soundscape of dynamic post-punk and art rock, introduced by the layering of trumpet, grand piano, violin and synth. A marked progression in musicality resulting in a sound rich in emotion.

Drummer, Archie Shannon, explains, “Since From a View, there has been an urge to use additional instruments and layering to develop and progress our sonic landscape. A key aspect of this was the use of group vocals to create a choir-like, anthemic sound which is evident throughout the record. A conscious effort, yet seemingly natural elevation to match, and further elevate the feelings that the lyrics evoke.”

The album artwork, revealed today, draws from a watercolour painting by friend and acclaimed Naarm (Melbourne) artist, Martin George.

“The Ear symbolises observation, perception and interpretation. It is a means through which we receive the world around us. No two people perceive life the same way. No two people tell the same story. Visually, The Ear could be seen as an obscure question mark, underpinning the central intentions of our songwriting — to explore the differing aspects of our lived experiences and observations”, says bassist, Joe Draffen.

Painting of My Time Tracklisting:

  1. Moment of Distraction
  2. Lessons Learnt
  3. Human
  4. On the Television
  5. Something Blue
  6. Painting of My Time
  7. Things You Do
  8. Colours
  9. Ramblings of a Passenger
  10. Wide Open Land

Off the back of an extensive touring schedule, Floodlights have developed an organic nuance to their live shows. An experience tailored to each audience through extensions and interludes. A sense of storytelling that flows naturally from songwriting to the resonating finale of their live performances. Accompanied on stage by vocalist, trumpeter, and pianist, Sarah Hellyer, Floodlights push to the edges of their new sound. A progression that has seen them play alongside international heavyweights, and stand their ground, at all three Falls Festival dates.

Floodlights will unveil Lessons Learnt in all its live glory, with shows commencing February 24 in Melbourne, running through until March 25 with a stop at SXSW in Austin Texas, March 13-18, sold out shows with Pavement and key Festival dates.

Painting of My Time marks a natural departure and arrival. An evolution as a group, and as individuals, fuelled by life’s singular and shared experience. A response to questions asked over time, written down, and yelled with the conviction of honesty.

Pre-order Painting of My Time here

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