Glam Fest @ Bridgeway Hotel, Adelaide 27/1/2023

There’s spandex, teased hair, a lot of glitter and plenty of makeup. It’s sweltering outside and it’s going to get even hotter inside. This is Glamfest, the brainchild of Danny Bazzi of Silverback Touring, and it brings multiple top international acts to Australia to tour with local talent and they all have one thing in common; they love the scene when the Sunset Strip ruled the world.

Due to work commitments, I arrive just in time to catch Pretty Boy Floyd, led by the indomitable Steve Summers, launch into a heavy set with Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz. Summers is draped in scarves and shades, commanding the audience to clap along. The big ballad I Wanna Be With You and Wild Angels particular highlights of fun set.

Enuff Z’Nuff open up with a glam metal version of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, the first of two Beatles cover with Eleanor Rigby is played shortly after, and it’s noticeable the band are so loud they can be heard back home in Illinois. Kiss The Clown and Heaven And Hell rock hard and Fly High Michelle sees a wave of girls make their way to the front as we finish with the guys from Pretty Boy Floyd keeping the party going by joining on Live And Let Die.

Not every band on the bill were slaying the strip back in ‘89, others are the bastard children of the scene spread across the world and Sweden’s Eclipse bring a respectful nod to the scene while making the sound modern. They have made quite a name for themselves with their performances and music and it’s easy to see why. Opener Roses On Your Grave is a good time rock n roll belter, full of energy and vibrancy. The Downfall Of Eden shows the great chemistry between the band with front man Erik Martensson clearly enjoying himself on their maiden jaunt to Australia.

Wednesday 13 open with Blood Sucker before the tribal drums rattle the building for Scream Baby Scream. Covered in face paint, dragged up from hell to perform for you Satan’s dance, the have an overpowering rhythm that forces you to move to the beat. A quick cover of Murderdolls Nowhere and an epic My Home Sweet Homicide follow before a glorious end with Fuck You (In Memory Of…) completes the set with an umbrella opened indoors included.

Which leaves the headliners Faster Pussycat, led by Taime Downe who march out to Where’s There’s A Whip There’s A Way and you instantly know what’s about to hit for the next hour. The frontman is flanked by guitarists Sam Koltun and Aussie Ronnie Simmons who never stop moving even when soloing their way back to West Hollywood.

Despite some technical issues with the band being unable to hear themselves, which shows these guys do play live without backing tracks, the band power in through Slip Of The Tongue, the classic House Of Pain before eventually finishing the night with Babylon at 12:30am.

For many of us, the night transported us back to a time where music had style, class and the guys could actually play. A time where you just wanted to rock n roll all night, and party every day. Judging by the crowd, we all went there and more in a glorious evening of music. Now where are my hangover pills?

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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