Charlie Gradon Makes A Much Welcomed Return With ‘Black + White’

The return of Sydney singer-songwriter Charlie Gradon is a welcome one, as music fans move through into a summer of new music. His music to date has encompassed a vast range of influences, yet what threads them together is a rich knack for songwriting and individualistic style. Gradon releases a brand new single in Black + White – an evocative and striking piece of music that reasserts Gradon as a multi-talented artist to watch.

A song focused on relationships, specifically witnessing the breakdown of a relationship, Black + White explores the complexity of intimate connection and the nuance that comes with navigating your way through such an emotional environment. Recorded by Gradon and his band out of Liam Judson’s Sonic Funhouse in the Blue Mountains back in April 2021, ‘Black + White’ in its final form comes wrapped up in the dynamism of a group of musicians who are very much in sync – their artistry elevates the key sounds that sit at the core of Gradon’s songwriting style. Charlie tells Hi Fi Way more about the single.

Have you been stoked with the fan reaction to Black + White?
It’s quite a switch up in sound compared to what is online at the moment, but the response has been really positive and it feels really good to be releasing music again.

What is the story behind the single?
I wrote it about witnessing the death of a relationship, and how quick myself and others were to judge those involved. 

Did the ideas for the song come quickly?
I had the riff for years with no lyrical content, but then the lyrics and structure all came out in one session.

Were you all hands on with the video clip and how did it go?
I brought the concept for the film clip to friends Matt Maule and Tom Stephens who dreamt up a way to make it happen. The main thing I had to do on the day was deliver the performance. So lots of pacing and hyperventilating to get in the zone. 

What did you think when you played the finished version of song back for the first time?
We ended up using the first take when recording and even then we knew we had something. we recorded it live so you really feel everyone together. 

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
It’s a certainly a much more aggressive “rocky” vibe compared to what my listeners are used to. It’s my first real foray into 90s guitar sounds which was a big influence. 

Are you building towards and album or EP in 2023?
It’s the first single off of my debut album due out mid next year so stay tuned! 

Who are some of your musical heroes you look up to for inspiration?
My process is solitary. So other multi instrumentalist recording artists such like Andy Shauf, Elliot Smith, Kevin Parker etc. I’ve only just gone through my Beatles phase so they’ve had a big hold on me of late. 

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country over the summer?
Touring is a big part of my plans because I love performing, however songwriting is my first love and I’m already finishing up the next album. 

Musically speaking are you feeling optimistic about 2023?
It’s going to be a big year of releasing music, which usually comes with it’s fair share of anxiety and weirdness. But with all those big feelings usually comes more songs so I look forward to that!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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