Kids With Capes On New Single ‘Out The Door’

Kids With Capes hit the festive break with a brand new single Out The Door topping off a big year of new music for the band having released their self-titled EP back in September with lead single It’s Complicated. Sam Grayson (recognisable from The Androids) answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way about their new single and what’s next.

Congratulations on the new single, it is great to hear something that isn’t a Christmas song?
Thanks, we’re super happy with our new sound on this single Out the Door.

Is it a tough decision to release new music this time of year?
It had been a while since our last release which was another single ‘Complicated’ followed by an EP. We felt it was time to switch things up & release a new song coming into our final gigs for 2022. It’s always a hard time of year to release anything over Christmas and to push it out there but we do have some great things in place for early next year.

What is the story behind the single Out The Door?
Out the Door is about a character who is really just all about themselves and their ego. We all know that guy or girl who’s just self obsessed, immature and is basically a total doosh!

Did the ideas for the song come quickly?
Initially the songs for Kids With Capes came really quickly once I’d heard Shae sing on some early demo’s, I knew what vibe we needed to go for and the sound of this band is something I’ve wanted to do for years with a tough/gritty front woman like The Distillers or Courtney Love.I had plenty of time to write during covid, which I’d never had before so I spent day after after day just writing and trying to write a better song than the last.  I formed an album of songs quickly with each song rolling into the next and I think Out the Door was track four from the early 2021 writing sessions. I remember thinking we need a song with a riff which our other songs didn’t really have.

What did you think when you played the finished version of song back for the first time?
The song has always felt great live for me from the moment we first played it so I’ve always felt like it should be a single.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
Sonically from the start we wanted our sound to be along the lines of Ocean Grove and it’s really been nailed by our new UK producer on this song and we’re pumped to release more tracks like this.

How do you find time for side projects with the other bands you are in?
Between my other bands The Androids, my events band and other projects I’ve been able to balance things pretty evenly between the paying gigs and the non paying. Next year we’ll be focusing on releasing more music and ticking off more of the venues we’d love to play as well as aim for Festival gigs.

Who are some of your musical heroes you look up to for inspiration?
Our musical heroes are pretty much every 90’s grunge band, that’s the era of music we grew up with and has a massive influence on us.

Musically speaking are you feeling optimistic about 2023?
We’re feeling optimistic about 2023 – there’s a lot we’ve achieved in a short amount of time. It’s good to have an aim in mind even if it’s just reaching one milestone for the year it keeps you going and striving for the next. We’ll continue to play the music we love and hopefully someone else will like it too.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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