Kita Alexander On New Anthem ‘Memories Of You’

Rich with emotion and a breezy production, Northern NSW-based singer/songwriter Kita Alexander has shared her cathartic new single Memories Of You co-written with Teddy Geiger. She has also announced her new EP The One which is out now. Memories Of You is a patchwork of creative influences, equally inspired by The Killers use of chord inversions and an old chorus she wrote with Teddy Geiger. Kita takes aim at a man still haunting her memories with his actions, calling him out for his past wrongdoing in song. It builds and gathers layers as it progresses, shifting harmonically from a place of pain to strength, emerging into its final turnaround with synths, drums, backing vocals and a melody worth mining the vault for.

Now with over 133 million global streams under her belt, an impressive catalogue of critically acclaimed pop-anthems including two ARIA Gold singles (Damage Done and Like You Want To), ARIA Platinum Between You & I and the 2x ARIA Platinum single Hotel, 2 EPs and not to mention countless adoring fans around the globe, Kita has now released her new EP The One. Set to feature previous heart-on-sleeve singles Run, Storm and Ocean Blue, this EP highlights Kita’s vulnerable storytelling intertwined with strong earworm hooks. Kita answers a few quick questions for Hi Fi Way.

Have you been stoked with the fan reaction to Memories Of You?
It has been incredible. I never really expected it to receive so much love. 

What is the story behind the single?
It’s about having a horrible memory that you just can’t seem to shake. You want it to disappear, to never have to think of it again, but realising that suppressing it only ever makes it worse.

Sonically how would you describe your new EP?
I’ve actually never known how to describe my music other than alternative pop. It’s up beat with throwback 80’s synth sounds and great Melodies.

Did everything go to plan making the EP?
I always believe that there’s only ever the path that your on. So some might say that the EP took a really long time and it got delayed a little bit, but I think it took the amount of time that was needed for it.

Are there plans for more new music?
Yessss next year I’ll be releasing my debut album

Does songwriting come easily to you?
Yes! When I’m in a room with other great songwriters I feel like we will always write a great song. I’ve gotten so much better with age and more experiences to talk about.

Who would you say are your musical heroes?
Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Patti Smith.

What’s next for Kita Alexander?
Next is Christmas and summer with my fam and then hopefully dropping a new track in February.

Q&A By Rob Lyon

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