Adalita “Inland”

Nine years after her last studio release, Adalita has finally returned with her third LP, Inland.

The Australian music icon has created a poignant and comprehensive release focussing on the themes of infatuation, obsessive love, and introspection. It is a multi-faceted body of work. Made with an array of collaborators, Inland is a collection of ten songs that are equally moody as they are intrepid and purging.

The album opens with Private Feeling. A song Adalita describes as “the mother track”. It is the centre of the record from which nine other songs spawn. Its grandiosity can be heard musically through the sting accompaniment, longing lyrics, and rich vocals. From here, the album fluctuates in flow and intensity. It offers suitable reprieves, such as the instrumental Tropic, from the surging emotion and broodiness found in Big Smoke and Savage Heart.

Mid-tempo contributions Equations and Listened Hard tap into the rock goddess persona Adalita has embodied for decades. Their placement betwixt singles Dazzling and the ethereal Hit Me serve as mild palette cleansers. Due to the contemplative nature of Inland, these entremets are welcome breathers.

Inland presents a wholly actualised and intricate work. With exceptional production value, it is laden with sophisticated arrangements. Adalita’s vocals are noteworthy. Varied enough to complement the musicianship while remaining balanced throughout. It is a highly personal and relatable album that will resonate with those who have experienced the darker side of love.
Hopefully, it’s not another nine years before Adalita’s next LP is released.

Album Review By Anita Kertes

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