The Presets, Lime Cordiale, Baker Boy, Teenage Joans, Marlon x Rulla, Madura Green @ Valo Adelaide 500, Adelaide 2/12/202222 hours ago hifiway

The action during the day might have trackside at the Valo Adelaide 500 but the attention turned to the first of the after race concerts which was an absolute beauty. Bands on Track is becoming a staple for this event now giving our local talent the chance to play on the big stage in front of a big crowd featuring Madura Green and Marlon x Rulla. Definitely a massive opportunity for them to showcase their music and would have gained a lot from the opportunity.

Teenage Joans have had a big 2022 and continue their meteoric rise having playied their second festival for the day having returned from Good Things Festival in Sydney and was later described as a “fun fact”. Some awesome tunes in their set including Taste Of Me, Three Leaf Clover and Something About Being Sixteen.

Baker Boy was up next and what a year Danzal Baker has had cleaning up with five ARIA’s with his break through debut album Gela. Asking whether race fans were ready to party it was full throttle with Meditjin. After acknowledging the traditional land owners it was Mr La Di Da Di keeping the party vibe going. After a crazy week post-ARIAS Danzal described his week as “cool as hell” playing the song of the same name. Move and Headphones were impressive as Danzal mentioned that he would be rapping in his language which was a reminder of home which lead in to My Mind. Describing Wishing Well as a fun song with this guy called Bernard Fanning went off. Asking whether everyone had their dancing shoes and ready to rock up to funky town it was Funk Wit Us and Stupid Dumb keeping the good time vibe going. The triple J Like A Version of Blur’s Song 2 was gold finishing off strong on MYWD and Marryuna.

Lime Cordiale were stellar and would probably take out the award for best dressed at the Valo Adelaide 500. Fresh off a lengthy tour in Europe this was their second show since returning home. Walking out on stage blowing kisses and shaking hands with their fellow band members it was on to On Our Own and Money. Their set was full of fun, got hips shaking and feet shuffling. Oli spoke of his experience of going on a hot lap and nearly shitting himself. Facts of Life was great and Louis asked the question “what is that herb” in reference to the aroma that wafted on stage. Ticks Me Off was followed by a pile of Louis and Oli who said they don’t like violence unless it’s at Maccas in Hindley Street. The kazoo made an appearance on No Plans to Make Plans and Oli described the home set ups that people have for self indulgence saying it was easier to go it alone serving as an intro to The Divinyls Cover I Touch Myself. I’ll leave this here but there was some interesting imagery with fruit to go a long with this song. Plenty of great songs to finish the set with Temper Temper, Inappropriate Behaviour and the big highlight with set closer It’s a Robbery seeing everyone up on shoulders. Blowing kisses again to the crowd as they promised to be back again over the summer.

The Presets headlined Friday nights after concert, and they were elite. After a long day’s racing no doubt there would be some weary and exhausted race fans who started filter out but it was well worth sticking it out to the end. Their set list had a really good spread of old and new including the likes of Martini, Do What You Want, Kicking and Screaming, Tools Down and This Boy’s In Love. Highlights from me was definitely Are You The One?, My People and set closer 14U+14ME. Definitely a great night out on a balmy Friday night at the Valo Adelaide 500.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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