Deftones, Vowws @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 30/11/2022

The return of major rock festivals means the clamour for sideshows across the country. With Good Things Festival back this weekend, Adelaide- which misses out on the festival – gets the privilege of a special sold-out-in minutes Deftones sideshow.

The classic Thebarton venue is packed out early for Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno’s special friends Vowws. A band that brings back 80’s gothic horror movies to their soundscape.

With a modern take of old school Depeche Mode mixed with Sisters Of Mercy, the two piece build an atmosphere of a dark ambient sounds reaching in parts of your soul rarely ventured, building towards a heavy rocking industrial finish which won plenty of naysayers over by the end of their set.

However we were all here for the Deftones and Chino and the boys do not let anyone down, choosing a setlist that had songs from all eras worked in perfectly.

Opening with Genesis, the floor reverberates, and the crowd erupts as the band enter the stage. The boys hit you straight in the chest with Moreno’s trademark vocals and the bands’ ability to switch from serene to brutal in a switch.

Any Deftones show is not just about the band, their crowd immerse themselves in every beat, every wail, every riff with them joining in with clapping during Diamond Eyes, displaying the same amount of passion as the band.

The light show is nothing short of spectacular with an array of magic that transforms the stage from spaceship to scaffolding and everything in between.

Oldies but goodies Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) and My Own Summer (Shove It) land like a tsunami while Rosemary is a lurching brooding monster of a tune that rolls with the crowd.

During Bloody Cape, Moreno is up and about like a kid jacked up on red cordial as the set list switches between melancholy and raw as shown with Cherry Waves sitting side by side with Rocket Skates and Headup.

The out of body experience that is a Deftones show, where the band levitate above and beyond the stage, is in full flow tonight and fortunately the Adelaide crowd were right there with them. We may not have got a Good Things Festival itself, but we did experience an exquisite sold-out Deftones show.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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