Edgecliff Are ‘Running On Empty’

Get your motor running with the classic rock stylings of Sydney’s Edgecliff and their brand new tune Running On Empty. Officially dropping into the world now, Running On Empty is a raw and riveting peek into the band’s forthcoming debut EP Uproar, which will officially thunder into the world on Friday December 2. The band will also officially their EP with the launch party set to take place on Friday 7 January 2023 at Sydney’s Factory Theatre.

Channelling Aussie greats like AC/DC and The Angels, Running On Empty finds Edgecliff firing on all rock’n’roll cylinders, with the track boasting swaggering grooves, fiery guitars and raspy vocals dialled up to 11. A track that has been in the works for the band for a fair while now, Running On Empty may ultimately owe its sonic soul to classic rock, but it also itself evolved after Edgecliff were approached to write a song about the eponymous Running On Empty festival which took place in Cobar, also honouring the 1982 film of the same name. The band answer some questions about the new EP.

How exciting is the build up to the release of your new EP?
Very Exciting! We have been working on this for a little over two years and it’s been an amazing journey, Uproar is definitely our favourite thing that we have produced as a band so far! As you can imagine we are incredibly keen to finally have it out in the world and we are counting down the days till December 2!

Is there much pressure on nailing the Edgecliff sound on your debut release?
I wouldn’t say there was too much pressure during the production of the EP in regards to our sound but this is definitely something we experienced earlier on in our career. When we first started out it was often stressful to think about what kind of sound we wanted to produce and how to maintain consistency through writing. Safe to say we found it along the way!

Sonically, how would you describe Edgecliff?
We have always kind of answered this question in a similar manner. I would have to say that sonically Edgecliff is what we like to call hard edge rock, we have taken good old school rock’n’roll and fused it with a more modern/alternative groove!

Did recording the EP go to plan?
Yes, we have our producer and friend Callum Howell to thank for the smoothness of our recording/production process, the man is a wizard and caters to our sound beautifully. Most of the songs were already written when we made our way into the studio which made things pretty easy, Callum also helped us with a few numbers that we felt were missing something!

How did the band meet?
Some of us have been friends since we were around five years old, but we all officially met as a group in high school. We were good friends before we became a band, most of us weren’t even musicians when we all first met! But we were all bonded through love for music and eventually thought why don’t we have a crack at bloody playing some!

What is the story behind the single Running On Empty?
Running On Empty originally started as an idea when we were asked to write a song to honour the Running On Empty Festival, that’s held in Cobar. When we finally got our act together and started to write the track we really wanted to capture the sound of great Aussie rock icons like AC/DC and The Angels, and heavily based the song around the feel of these two bands. Just good old punchy, gritty, Australian Rock’n’roll!!

Did any of your music heroes have influence on this EP?
It’s safe to say that we have some big influences when it comes to our sound, Wolfmother, Powderfinger, Black Sabbath and Violent Soho just to name a few. These phenomenal artists definitely have a huge influence over our sound as a whole. Uproar is probably the biggest representation that exists today of what we consider “Edgecliff” to be, and so to say that some of our music heroes had an influence on it would be an understatement!

Is there a hidden meaning behind the name Edgecliff?
We struggled for a long time to come up with a good band name that stuck, we definitely went through some awful ones in the process. We would often meet up for band meetings or even to just chat of an arvo after school, and this was often at the Edgecliffe Boulevard lookout in Collaroy Plateau. Once the name clicked, we all knew it was meant to be.

Are there plans to tour around the country over the summer?
Yes! We are hard at work booking a tour up and down the coast of NSW for early next year, stretching between Jan 7 and Feb 18. Keep your eyes peeled for some shows to be announced!!

What’s next for Edgecliff?
Well, we have our EP release show at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville on January 7 and are insanely keen for that, we have some great local talent on the bill and it’s gonna be a sick night, tickets go on sale very soon! Other than that, we are just writing music and getting keen for some end of year shenanigans together!!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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