Palace Of The King Serve Up A Slice Of Their Forthcoming Album With New Single ‘I’m Sorry Blues’

Palace Of The King have returned in top form with a blistering new hard rock track, I’m Sorry Blues, out now through Reckless Records.

After the release of 3 albums, 2 EP’s and multiple world tours, the band are returning to the airwaves sounding fresh and re-energised.

The single features new production elements from lead singer Tim Henwood showing that the band are far from the scrap heap and ready to rock well into the future. Henwood snarls out a killer bluesy rock vocal as only he can, sounding classic rock and modern, young and edgy all at the same time, with a performance that would make Robert Plant, Josh Kiszka and Steve Marriot proud.

After joining Palace Of The King in 2016, Drummer Cameron McGlinchey brings his almost Rage Against The Machine style influence to the band and the energy he adds to I’m Sorry Blues is brilliant.

The foundation for any Palace Of The King record is the always inspired and amazing Seany Johnston who plays both keys and guitar on this track like a hybrid of Jimi Hendrix and John Lord.

Anthony Licciardi lays down the bass along with McGlinchey in such a brutal, dynamic way it’s easy to see why he has such a reputation as a force of nature at the band’s live shows.

2022 and the forthcoming album sees the return of the great Leigh Maden to the fold after sitting on the bench throughout the Get Right With Your Maker album and tour – Maden’s soulful style and retro feel is a welcome return.

With both international and Australian headliner and special guest tour slots under their belt with the likes of Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, The Angels, Baby Animals, The Tea Party, The Screaming Jets, Endless Boogie, Nick Oliveri and many more, fans of Palace Of The King can look forward to their next full album release set for 2023.