LT On Her Top Ten Most Played Songs Right Now…

Renowned as one of Queensland’s hardest working independent artists, enigmatic pop dreamweaver LT returns in joyful and theatrical fashion via her brand new single Rollercoaster. Also armed with a hard-hitting accompanying music video, Rollercoaster is a shimmering blast of polished dreamy pop with stirring thematics that you’ll fall in love with over and over again.

Helmed by LT’s vibrant vocals and an effervescent sonic coating, Rollercoaster deals in bouncy beats, shimmering strings and swooning harmonies. A fun, deep and explosive outing, Rollercoaster brings together LT with an all-star team, including co-writing and producing courtesy via Joel Quartermain and Edwin White, mixing by Tony Buchen, and mastering by Leon Zervos. Drawing from a variety of personal influences in the writing process, Rollercoaster may, on its surface, present as a bright and bubbly pop gem, but this utter earworm also comes brandishing significantly personal and hard-hitting thematics.

The music video for Rollercoaster painstakingly and respectfully reflects the mental health undertones of the accompanying single, with LT working alongside Brendan Shoenmaker, an emerging Brisbane creator, to bring the captivating clip to life. Featuring dancers and actors Katie Woods and Ellie Bankowski front-and-centre in a modern twist on vintage arthouse cinema, and filmed at Smoke Creative in Brisbane, the video for Rollercoaster showcases duality in its many forms, presented in realistic yet optimistic fashion. Marrying the many modes of mental health, manic depression, love and perseverance with a sharp, circular spotlight alongside the glimmering track itself, the clip elegantly embodies darker thematics while also paying visual homage to a filmmaking great.

LT On Her Top 10 Most Played Songs Right Now…

Goodbye Horses – Q Lazzarus
It takes me to a whole other place and makes me want to wander around dark streets looking up at the moon.

Sad town USA – Carol Ades
I discovered this song and artist when we were both placed on a Spotify playlist and was instantly grabbed by her voice and the song gets so stuck in my head.

Supalonely – BENEE
I don’t know why I started revisiting this one, but it’s a fun party song when I’m getting ready to go out.

I’ve a soft spot for Jazz/Blues and this song brings me so much peace. I’m an introvert at heart and love rainy days at home with some Billie Holliday

Crash Course – BLU DETIGER
Its just so funky! I love the percussion through this track and Blu Detiger absolutely cranks on a bass guitar.

I’m a Maggie Rogers fan and Want Want has that low grinding bass and rhythm bed I’m drawn to in a lot of music. It’s a catchy song.

I had this in the earphones most mornings when walking to the studio recently for a new track I’m working on. It put a bounce in my step and made me feel pumped for the day ahead.

Through the echos – PAULO NUTINI
I was a big Paulo Nutini fan when he brought out These Streets years ago, so I was delighted to discover he’s released another one after so many years and the first track I was shown was Through the Echo’s which is just undeniably good song writing.

This one has been getting a regular spin on my playlists lately. I love the dreamy, grungy goodness of this track.

Smallest Things – LILY MEOLA
Again, this was another shared playlist discovery. Her dampened guitar picking reminds me a lot of how I play, and I just love her phrasing in ‘‘Next thing I know, I’m there at the dive bar in San Diego’. It’s so damn cool.

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