The Wombats Head On Their Australian Tour This Month!

A message from The Wombats:

Hey Australian legends! Hope you’re all doing well. Just wanted to let you know we have a new EP coming November 18th called ‘Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This’. The EP is kind of like the little sibling of our latest album ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’. Most of the songs were recorded around the same time, with the same personnel as Fix Yourself and 1 song, Same Old Damage, was actually a demo we’d recorded in LA in Murph’s little studio that we loved so we just added some new drums in Dan’s studio in London then Tord added a couple of bits and mixed it in Oslo. The title track from the EP is one of the 1st songs we’ve done from the first note written to the finished mix just the 3 of us so that was fun!

We can’t wait for you all to hear the EP!!!

Australia has always been such a special place for us to play, ever since our 1st album, playing on ‘Neighbours’, meeting various actual real life fellow marsupials, going surfing for the 1st time, climbing over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s been a home away from home. Which is why we just KEEP COMING BACK! As soon as Spilt Milk asked us if we wanted to join the bill we thought some more intimate side shows in between festivals would be fun so we look forward to all the dates, especially the Sydney Opera House! Can’t believe they’re letting the ‘Bats play there again 😂

All that’s left to say is a big furry heartfelt thank you for all your support over the years and for making us feel so welcome, it really is a special place for us and we can’t wait to come make some noise over there again.

Lots of love, Dan, Murph and Tord ❤️

The indie rock legends The Wombats wrapped up their June 2022 Australian tour, which saw them perform SOLD OUT shows in Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. Now they’re coming back off the back of a fresh EP which is out on November 18!

You won’t want to miss these shows as they bring brand new music to Aussie fans for the first time, alongside their classic indie bangers and infectious energy!

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