The Deenys Top Ten Songs That Inspired ‘Lonely Paradise’

The Deenys music is one you can bellow at the top of your lungs whilst making mates with total strangers. Their sound has a common thread of youthful camaraderie that is balanced with thoughtful and grounded sonics. Comparable in sound to current pioneers of the Aussie indie-rock sound such as DMA’s, Skeggs, and Hockey Dad, Lonely Paradise is a fresh dose of Aussie excellence for fans looking for a new sound.

Lonely Paradise sees The Deenys truly step up – showcasing them finding confidence in their sound and having a bit of fun with it. With each member of the band originating from the UK and Ireland, they pull aural influences from the addictive grunge-tinged gloom of UK acts and slightly fuzzed out vocals that herald the sonic strength of powerhouses The Strokes, The Vaccines, and The Wombats.

The Lonely Paradise Playlist: Ten Songs That Inspired/Influenced The Single

Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance
This song summarises our youth growing up in working class towns in the UK & Ireland. Alex Turner is a lyrical genius and without the Arctic Monkeys there would be no Deenys.

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
This song has a heavy guitar and drum presence throughout, much like Lonely Paradise. As soon as you hear that first guitar note, everyone knows what song it is.

Kings Of Leon – Four Kicks
Early Kings Of Leon at their finest – gritty, raw and rock n roll. The structure of this song and the length was an influence, it packs a punch and straight to the point.

The Libertines – What a Waster
Another massive influence musically, lyrically and culturally are The Libertines. Pete Doherty is a poet and What A Waster is a gritty, mid noughties indie belter.

Jamie T – Sheila
Jamie T is a personal favourite of ours. Witty and clever lyricism is something we all appreciate and this song definitely inspired the writing process for Drewe.

Slaves – The Hunter
Pure punk and sheer grit, the type of song that makes you look at your mates and think corrrrr, this is naughty. It’s like The Clash and Madness playing an Arctic Monkeys tune produced by the Jam and that ticks all our boxes.

Rat Boy – Sign On
Lyrically again a great song which is relatable for people. Summery tune with a great guitar tone and catchy melody, this song is hard not to love.

Kasabian – Club Foot
Kasabian are one of, if not, the best live band us lads have seen live. When Club Foot comes on with that naughty riff and dirty bassline you know there’s gonna be mischief.

The Fratellis – For The Girl
Costello Music in our opinion is one of the most underrated albums of all time. For The Girl is a feel good, upbeat, singalong, catchy masterpiece and it has everything you want in a classic indie tune.

The Kooks – You Don’t Love Me
The Kooks are one of those bands that define the UK indie noughties scene and this song always stood out on their debut album. Great guitar tones and a bit heavier than the rest of the album, which is definitely needed.