Jackie Brown Jr Video Premiere for ‘Who’s Gonna Know’

Sydney indie-rock four-piece Jackie Brown Jr. today release their latest track Who’s Gonna Know which is the perfect anthem for the summer with a healthy dose of emotional catharsis.

The upbeat indie-pop tune is highlighted by lead vocalist Maddy Mallis’ brilliant controlled raspy tones over the top of the clean crisp guitar, and pounding drums accentuated by that oh-so-smooth Sax.

As Jackie Brown Jr. fans would have become accustomed, Who’s Going Know features a chorus highlighted by brilliant harmonies from the four members resulting in an earworm you won’t be able to, or want to get out of your head.

Jackie Brown Jr, formed from some of Sydney most recognised players including, Madeleine Mallis (Bedrock Collective and Good Pash), Rhyan Clapham (Dobby), and Michael J Brady (Brady//Donkin//Phipps, New Young Northside Big Band), formed in 2015 at The University of NSW and Who’s Gonna Know is the group’s fourth release, ahead of their debut EP, set for release in early 2023.

In talking about the song Jackie Brown Jr says, Singer Maddy Mallis’

“This song is a bit of an ode to what once was. It’s looking at an old house that you used to spend a lot of time in, or an old neighborhood and moving away and seeing everything changes. Or maybe you have. ‘Who’s Gonna Know’ is a nod to how places and spaces often shape and define us, and eventually become part of us.”

Accompanying the single, Jackie Brown Jr. also today released a film clip that plays into the nostalgic theme of the single.

“The video paints a story of nostalgia, memory, and the passing of suburbia. It is an energetic cry to the recently lost past; How we move on, and how the built landscape affects and moulds our individual identities and we are extremely proud of how our creative vision has come to life in this clip”

Jackie Brown Jr will launch Who’s Gonna Know on Friday November 18, at the Vic on the Park Hotel, Sydney.