Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Juliet Oliver @ The Gov, Adelaide 28/10/2022

What a night! This was quite the live performance seeing the legendary Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey play the iconic album Into The Gap at Adelaide’s home of live music The Gov. Tom Bailey can be quoted as saying it is one thing play well and making the live show the best it can be but it’s all in the emotional connection with the audience, without it, it doesn’t mean anything. Seeing how this album played live connected on an emotional level last night is beyond description and was incredible experience to be a part of. It really did seem as if everyone’s problems and woes had been forgotten temporarily and had come together as one to celebrate the legacy of this mighty album.

Adelaide singer songwriter Juliet Oliver opened and was definitely worthy of the big stage having proved herself as a seasoned performer on the live scene around town. There was a really good energy around Juliet’s performance and she had some very relatable stories that had the crowd interested particularly set closer Sociopath. Some great covers with Dolly Parton’s Jolene and Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey and band took the stage at half nine sporting a white suit with his all female band also decked out in white. Opening with In The Name Of Love Tom had a flashlight which he shone over the crowd which made sense with the lyric “hey you, I’ve seen you face before”. Science Fiction from Tom Bailey’s solo album of the same name followed. It was the Thompson Twin’s hits that got the crowd moving, grooving and hips shaking. Tom said that he loved seeing the crowd like this, being up close it their first non-seated show of the tour.

Lies, Lay Your Hands On Me and If You Were Here were great moments from Thompson Twins’ discography. Tom said that they will play Into The Gap and not necessarily in the order that it appears on the album. Before that though they played a cover by some friends of theirs from New York, aka Talking Heads, Psycho Killer which was stellar and Tom said he wanted to hear everyone’s voices. The percussion and cello arrangements in The Gap were next level awesome.

The crowd really did come alive and the vibe in the room really did lift a couple of levels as these songs were played. It was like being transported back to a moment in time. Day After Day, Sister Of Mercy and No Peace For The Wicked were well received by the crowd as was Storm On The Beach. The crowd were clapping a long to the groove of the uplifting You Take Me Up and that energy continued on Who Can Stop The Rain.

The big moments of the set were about to unfold! Wow! Hit single Doctor! Doctor! was brilliant with Tom singing “Adelaide Thank You, Thank You”. Hold Me Now would be up there as one of the best live performances and experiences ever. It doesn’t matter if you are fan or not a fan this song connects on a level that is difficult to quantify. Not only was it a huge buzz for the band having the crowd sing this song back but once the music stopped the crowd took over singing this in unison. Unbelievable and what a way to finish the set. Returning for a one song encore playing Love On Your Side to finish a memorable night.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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