Silent Planet, Currents, Above, Below, Signv/s @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide 28/10/2022

‘I know Adelaide gets kicked off a lot of tours but this has been the most intense crowd of the tour’ proclaims Silent Planet singer Garrett Russell at the completion of their own spiritually intense set.

Silent Planet are not a show, or even a performance, they are an experience. A journey musically through the serene and the fury with the vocal garnish of poetry and social consciousness layered on top.

This complex and blur of styles is enhanced by a crowd that swallows up the bands energy and explodes like a volcano erupting.

Orphan has the room bouncing with drummers Alex Camarena’s playing in particular vibrating the room through songs like Second Sun and Signal.

Garrett’s lyrical delivery reminds of Jim Morrison at his poignant best as he tackles subjects such as child trafficking in XX (City Grave), LGBTQ+ community in Visible Unseen and dedicated Native Blood to our indigenous community.

The crowd surfers flow over a a sweaty ocean like mosh pit – lightning rigs are being moved – as the intensity cranks up during Trilogy as the band bring the main set to a close before the encore and aforementioned comment. It was certainly an experience that transcends a studio recording and must be felt in person.

Silent Planet were supported by an brilliantly energetic line up starting with local boys Signv/s. With whirls of feedback, sharp riffs and a metalcore groove they are like Korn if Korn decided to stay true to their roots. The breakdowns start up the pit and the bands energy makes that pit combust into a driven and fun show.

Above, Below bring a different level of intensity to the proceedings which shift between their delivery from emotional cathartic screams to solemn moments of reflection. The packed crowd intertwined emotionally with the bands vibe to tide those emotions in a serene calmness.

One of the joys of festivals over on the east coast is we get line ups over here that could have two headliners and Currents is definitely a headliner themselves.

There is no space to breath in the room as the band drop belter after belter like A Flag To Wave and Better Days.

The room visibility expands like it’s alive, breathing its way through the set that includes a wall of death, multiple crowd surfers and the microphone being taken over by the audience.

Finishing with Monsters, with its ball tearing riff and burst of dynamics, Currents put on a show worthy of headlining themselves.

That’s what tonight was, a night to grab deep inside yourself, and grab whatever was bothering you and expel it. A night where there were grooves, solemnness, fury and ultimately ascension. A Silent Planet show is an experience after all.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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