Pure Milk Talk Reflect On ‘Food Court Days’

A relatable nod to growing pains, suburban slickers Pure Milk warmly welcome their new EP Food Court Days. A soft-punk parade of teen angst and nostalgia, Food Court Days is a wholesome ode to the glory days, tangled in edge and emotion. Featuring already-released singles Dreams on a Platter and the self-titled single Food Court Days, the six-track EP is rooted in alternative stylings and sentimentality. The band tell Hi Fi Way a little more about the EP.

Have you been stoked with the fan reaction to Food Court Days?
It’s been really lovely. We’ve been a band for nearly six years and we still get such a thrill from releasing new music. The pocket of the music scene we’re in right now is just so positive, so when anyone’s releasing it’s always celebration.

What is the story behind the single?
We were just joking around one day, discussing funny moments of being a teenager, and we were laughing about how much time we used to spend at the food court. I wanted to write a song that honoured that feeling. As a teen, the food court was ‘the place’ to meet up, it had such a charm to it that you cannot appreciate as an adult.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
Everything feels so bright and sunny. I think that’s the biggest difference. We’ve toned down the guitars a little bit, but the punkiness is still there. Everything still feels like us, but a little older, more refined even.

Did everything go to plan in creating/ producing the EP?
It was chaotic. As always. I think we only had a week to record it last summer. We are all so busy so we just set down four days and went for it. We didn’t have time to craft songs to perfection, they just had to work or they were cut. It was fun though, I don’t like spending too much time on a song. You can always write a new song, so I’m happy to wait for one to pop out immediately.

Is the concept of an album dead these days?
Not at all! I think concept albums have become less pretentious over the years, but you can still sit on a theme and really work through everything. I think the restraint of a concept album leads to some really interesting thoughts and ideas.

How does the creative process work for Pure Milk?
I usually come up with acoustic guitar demos (recorded on phone) and then send them to Dylan, who um’s and ah’s on what’s a good song or not. From there, we usually set up a recording day and whoever from the band can make it will be there. The song gets written that day, it always does. I like to spend a lot of time on lyrics though, so I usually have all the lyrics written before the day, and then the music can come together quickly.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for Pure Milk?
Bill Callahan has been a big one in recent years. He blends calm and uncertainty in this really amazing way, I’m always trying to write like him. The song Drinking At The Dam especially, it’s poignancy and simplicity is just beautiful, I listen to it all the time.

Has it been hard getting the wheels turning quickly post covid?
Not at all. There is always stuff to do. We released our last EP in the midst of COVID, and sure it stopped our plans, changed what we could do, but it never really stopped our drive to be creative.

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country over the

As a band we’re actually on a little break over summer! Brayden our drummer is heading to Canada for a few months so I think we’ll spend the time writing and recording.

What’s next for Pure Milk?
We’re just stoked we get to hang out and play awesome shows together. I think next year we want to release a couple of songs and just play a lot of shows. Our shows recently have reached such a high point, we’re also so comfortable and confident with each other on stage. Every show is different and anything goes. It’s an exciting time, honestly.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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