Mom Jeans Announce Their Sweet Tooth Australian Tour 2023

Berkeley alternative rock quartet Mom Jeans are proud to announce their return to Australian shores for the Sweet Tooth Australian Tour, joined by fellow alt rockers, Microwave (US).

Presented by Destroy All Lines in association with Sequel Music Group, Australian fans are invited to indulge in their sweet tooth in March 2023, with tickets on sale this Friday 28 October at 12pm local time via Destroy All Lines.

Three years after their previous journey across the nation, Mom Jeans return with a fresh collection of new tunes from their latest album, Sweet Tooth, which was released in February of this year. The groups third LP is a departure from the emo sound the band mastered early on, and instead revisits late ’90s and early 2000s pop rock and pop punk bliss. For frontman Eric Butler, that meant revisiting the guitar pop perfection of Weezer and Oasis alongside deep cuts from one-hit wonders like Third Eye Blind, Fountains of Wayne, and Superdrag.

Butler, guitarist Bart Thompson, bassist Samuel Kless, and drummer Austin Carango all arrived at the same description for these sounds: ear candy.

“Those hits by Blink-182 and Green Day, all those bands, it’s just hooks for days and really excellent songwriting,” says Butler. “They really just tried to write incredible songs that would get stuck in people’s heads. We wanted to try our own version of that. Ear candy is the goal, so Sweet Tooth is the record.”

Making the journey across the nation alongside Mom Jeans is Atlanta emo quartet, Microwave. Equipped with their latest album, Death Is A Warm Blanket and a handful of fresh new tracks that made their entrance this year, Microwave channel mental and physical frustration into powerful, unbridled, gut-wrenching loud rock music.

Microwave revel in newfound creative abandon, colliding post-hardcore aggression with ‘90s alternative sneer, bleeding broodingly atmospheric verses into anthemic choruses. A recipe for impassioned singalongs and emotional release, Microwave are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and shake up crowds in just the right way.

Don’t miss Mom Jeans and Microwave as they deliver sonic catharsis on the Sweet Tooth Australian Tour. Tickets on sale Friday 12pm local time via Destroy All Lines.