In Hearts Wake, Redhook, Pridelands, Banks Arcade @ Northern Sound System, Elizabeth SA 16/10/2022

Sunday afternoon saw me head out to Northern Sound System to watch In Hearts Wake’s second Adelaide show as part of their Green Is The New Black tour. Shout out to IHW as this was an all ages gig in an intimate setting. Nothing better than seeing young kids being introduced to music, especially when that music has such an important message.

Opening our afternoon was Banks Arcade. These boys have such an amazing and different sound and are a real joy to watch perform. There’s always lots of banter between the guys which I love, you get a real sense of fun from them although lyrically their songs all have a message. Vocalist Joshua O’Donnell has one of the greatest sets of lungs around, his vocals are phenomenal. If you haven’t heard of these guys go and give them a listen and jump on the bandwagon before they blow up!

Melbourne lads Pridelands are one of the tightest bands in the scene at the moment. On the back of their latest release The Light Bends they gave us a stadium performance. Joking that they hadn’t played an all ages gig in years the boys gave the younger crowd a taste of how amazing music can be and it was awesome to see some young kids in the mosh. Using every bit of the stage the boys bounced back and forth, and delivered an absolute belter of a set.

Redhook are up next and when Emmy Mack enters the stage by sliding in on her knees you know you’re in for a good time! High energy and lots of fun, Redhook bring the party. Belting out songs like Only Bones, Dead Walk and Bad Decisions it was an impressive set. Pridelands vocalists Mason and Josh both graced the stage again for a few songs and drummer Alex Powys showed us exactly why he has just joined the Pearl Drums Global Artist Family with a heavy-hitting drum interlude.

It was then time for In Hearts Wake, after playing Worldwide Suicide Jake joked that it was the first time they had played this song before 6pm and that we would be home in time for Grandma’s roast! It may have been an early gig but there was no let up in the relentlessness of In Hearts Wake’s set. Seeing so many younger kids in the crowd Jake reminisced of his first gig when he watched his dad play along side Black Flag and Henry Rollins! He went on to apologise to us for not being either. Throughout the set it was great to see the band interacting with and encouraging the younger crowd, fist pumping a couple of young boys on their parents’ shoulders. I think the highlight for me was when a lad about ten joined in the mosh, the look of absolute delight on his face as he was pummelled around was beautiful. Jake then asked the punters to give the lad his first crowd surf. Pretty sure that all his mates will hear about that one Monday morning!

Playing a mix of songs from their albums and dedicating a song to mate Jimmy Barnes ‘cos apparently he’s from Elizabeth’ the set ended all too soon. It was great to see that all the bands hung around after the gig to chat with the fans. All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Sunday arvo!

Live Review By Suze Blacketer

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