Davey Lane’s The Pictures drop video for new single “I Can’t Hold It Back”

Melbourne trio THE PICTURES return with their first new music in 15 years in the form of a new single – available digitally and on limited edition coloured vinyl 7″ – called I Can’t Hold It Back.

The Pictures of course were – are – the singing, songwriting and guitar-slinging vehicle for Davey Lane, best known perhaps to Australian music fans as You Am I’s “newest” member – he joined them in 1999 – and long-time guitarist. No mere side project, The Pictures, who also featured – feature – bass player Luke Thomas and drummer Brett Wolfenden, were known for their classic tunage and their meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy instrumental punch, which was heard on 5 EP’s, 2 albums (including a Triple J Feature Album) and an odds and sods compilation.

The Pictures cut a swathe through the competition early in the new millennium but were hindered by usual music biz rubbish and the fact that “rock” – which had once more or less been synonymous with “pop” – had by the new millennium been reduced to a misunderstood sub-genre, even if it was seeing a brief “revival” of popularity at the time.

Davey Lane elaborates: “I was burned out and, in hindsight, incredibly depressed and anxious as a result of the band’s experiences. Peripheral things like management/label/money problems (hardly a unique story for a rock band) had sucked all the joy out of it, the not-so-peripheral change of lineup with our drummer Brett Wolfenden parting ways with Luke Thomas and myself altered the chemistry considerably. I also felt we never really “fit” anywhere either, becoming known as “early ’00’s rock revival coulda-beens” kinda pigeonholed us – I felt straightjacketed by it and just wanted to try different styles and new things. My creative endeavours have never been in pursuit of a career, or popularity or whatever – don’t get me wrong I want folks to enjoy them of course – but I’ve always felt the urge to make music for my own happiness and preservation of my mental health. When both of those things are removed from the equation it’s time to take a step back.”

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