Nova Twins On Their Must Have Tour Essentials

Nova Twins Amy Love and Georgia South are playing at Good Things Festival and that tell Hi Fi Way what their Top 5 tour essentials are:

Georgia South: I take it with me even in a heat wave and it’s so hot. But sometimes it’s freezing in the van because of the air conditioning. You can also use it as a little proper pillow. Or if we have travel at four in the morning, and you’re walking on a ferry and it’s cold, you just put on the dressing gown. It was my blanket the other day. It’s very versatile.

Amy Love: I think for us personally is having really good makeup remover and skin products. Because obviously our stage makeup is intense and to get that shit off is also intense. So, having a good makeup remover and then making sure you take it off at night because it’s not going to do you any good keeping it on because we do.

Georgia South: I like sliders or flip flops or an easy sandal to put on. Sometimes when you stop for petrol, the driver will be like, right quick stop runs the toilet. You only have five minutes. You waste about two minutes putting on your shoes, doing up your laces. So, if you just put in the sliders or flip flops, it’s going go out.

Amy Love:
Spares. When we play live, and if it goes down, it goes down and there’s a lot of pedals on stage. So, we bring spare pedals and stuff because sometimes it does go down and then our tech will have to find out what pedals gone down and then have to change it. Cause then the whole shit cuts out or something. So, we bring spares backups, spare Jack leads, spare pedals, spare loops, spare, whatever you need strings bring spares, be prepared.

Georgia South:
I’d say like a good hair conditioner and hair products, being black women on tour, you have to keep your hair conditioned and just nice and rejuvenated.
Or wear a protective style. I’m finding that I can’t keep up with the maintenance, so I’ll put my hair in braids or find a wig because doing my hair every day when I’m tired is a lot. So even bring good conditioner.

Catch the Nova Twins at Good Things, tickets HERE

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